2009 GE Profile Model PDWT580P00SS

by Brian Rehwald
(Nelson, British Columbia)

We bought all GE Profile appliances for our home in 2009. Have had problems with all of them ever since - especially the Fridge and Dishwasher. The fridge tends to freeze things in certain areas of the cabinet, the rubber door seals are cracking, the ice-maker overflows and the drawer mechanisms are sticky. Many of the components also are fragile and the plastic has cracked, broken or fallen off in numerous places.

As for the dishwasher - what a piece of junk. Never cleans the dishes well - especially the top rack. The door seal is cracked and leaking, the racks don't slide properly. The cutlery rack had a manufacturing defect in the plastic casting. I am constantly having to clean out the bottom of the tub where debris accumulates and the inside of the door is always dirty - both indications that the dishwasher is not breaking down and removing food wastes properly.

The microwave seems to work well but the keypad area on ours is having some issues. The lettering is fading and coming off and the fan and light buttons are not working properly - they have physically shifted back into the cabinet so you have to push them further in to engage.

The double oven range and cooktop gives us tyhe least problems aside from the fact that the ceramic stove top takes ages to heat water or cook a stirfry. In fairness I am not sure if that problem is just a ceramic top issue common to all brands, or just this GE.

It is interesting how universal the complaints are about the GE Profile series - especially the Dishwasher. One interesting thing I did notice about the reviews in general was the flood of very positive assessments that were posted on March 5, 2011? Almost appears as though someone is fighting back against the tide??? Hmmm (GE?)

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Jan 19, 2014
Worst Dishwasher Ever
by: Anonymous

This model of dishwasher has been replaced in my home 3 times while still under warranty. Each one of them has been a lemon. Our chief complaint has always been that the motor does not turn off by itself.

It will finish the cleaning and drying cycle and will keep humming until we pull the door open. In addition, the placement of the utensil basket makes it impossible not to catch a fork or knife on the rubber seal surrounding it and it has torn several times.

Unless the dishes are pretty clean before going into the dishwasher, they will not get clean by the dishwasher. Recently the water hasn't been draining from inside the bottom of the dishwasher.

What an enormous waste of money this appliance has been.

Apr 12, 2012
G.E. Profile Big Waste of Money
by: Fed Up In NV

Our 2003 home came with all G.E. Profile appliances. We have had a very unsatisfactory experience with all of them. Fridge has had two costly repairs. Oven floor corroded. Stovetop design is poor. Dishwasher has been a piece-of-cr@p. Will NEVER buy G.E. again!

Feb 29, 2012
GE Profile Dishwasher Model PDWT580P00SS
by: Anonymous

Please Call the Consumer Product Safety Commission about this dishwasher. Their number is 1 800 638 2772--
Let them know safety concerns, water leaking, getting too hot, screws rusting, parts rusting, water under electrical panel.

They will investigate this model of dishwasher!

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