KitchenAid KUDD01DPPA
Dishwasher Review

KitchenAid has been competing in the realm of dishwashers for over 25 years now going head to head with giants like Maytag and more recently, LG.

There is certainly stiff competition in the market for a quality dishwasher that can hold up to the wear and tear that your busy life can throw at it.

KitchenAid KUDD01DPPA Overview

With its depth of 22 inches and some change and being free standing this dishwasher can go anywhere you like it to. The KitchenAid Stainless Steel Dishwasher is very much a contender in the space department. Its features are electronic which make it easy enough for a child to use.

It is energy star compliant and offers a two drawer washing feature meaning you can save time, water, money and electric if you only have enough dishes to fill one drawer at a time. There are 5 cycles you can choose from in order to wash your dishes.

This is not a built-in unit so you can place it wherever you think it may go the best but its sleek styling gives a great look to any modern kitchen.

The price tag is also fairly competitive so you have to take into consideration the price. This model is also over two years old so age versus functionality can also be a factor.

Due to the age of the unit the functions included are not as detailed or varied as other units that are currently on the market.

The KitchenAid stainless steel dishwasher looks good and is unique enough to stand out among the crowd but do its features match its look? The features of the KitchenAid stainless steel two-drawer dishwasher are as follows:

  • Electronic Touch Keypad System

  • No Built-In Food Disposer

  • 5 Washing Cycles including Light, Pots and Pans, Rinse, Normal and China

  • Stainless Steel Interior

  • Stainless Steel Exterior

  • Energy Star Rated and Qualified

  • The Door is Fully Integrated

  • Sound Insulation

  • Two Drawer Dishwashing to Save Time, Money and Water Using Under 8 Gallons of Water for Each Washing

  • Lightweight at Only 95 Pounds

Any appliance comes with its own list of caveats and as such customer reviews can pay a pivotal role in purchasing any sort of appliance regardless of its size or use or regardless if the review is bad or good.

Reviews can be incredibly varied but they will always be taken into consideration whenever you purchase a unit of this magnitude.

KitchenAid KUDD01DPPA Customer Opinions

The pros of this unit are more than the cons so we will look at them first.

This unit is lightweight at less than 100 pounds and is also smaller in width and height than other models making this easy to move around. There are 5 useful dishwashing settings but you really do not need more than 4 to do a decent job.

The exterior as well as interior are both stainless steel meaning that the dishwasher is very easy to clean and keeps fairly bacteria free as well since food can be left behind to fester within the unit.

The door is fully integrated to prevent leaking or spilling of water or food particles and this is also helps as a bonus to the noise reducing insulation.

With most dishwashers of this caliber you can turn on or off the heated drying so that you can choose to save electricity as well as wear and tear on your unit.

With two drawer washing you can separate your dishes and do two different kinds of loads – a time saver. You can also select to only run one of the drawers at a time in case your load is very minor.

No matter the reputation of a machine or the manufacturer there are always bad remarks that must be taken into consideration. This KitchenAid Stainless Steel Dishwasher is no different.

The sound insulation, though a good idea, does not really aid much in the deafening of the motor.

There is no food disposal built in to the unit so it is your sole job to clean up after the cycles are done which brings to the point that there are no cycle indicators on the dishwasher.

Water tends to get trapped in the second drawer as well as the second drawer becoming stuck quite often. It has also been noted that dishes do not get as clean in the second drawer as they do in the top and the same applies to the sound insulation.

Bottom line is that for the price in this range of dishwasher there should be more functions and a better guarantee on quality.

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