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Always “forever better”

A Miele dishwasher is a solid choice if you're in the market for a new appliance.

They strive to make real and accurate assurances to all of their customers, and provide a guarantee of satisfaction to every person that buys from the company.  

There are some terms to remember when it comes to the ninety day money back guarantee. You should carefully read the guarantee information which comes with your dishwasher or that is available on the Miele website.  However, a few key points to note:

  • the guarantee applies to the G 1000, 2000, 2002 and Futura Series.
  • The dishwasher is required to be purchased and installed by a dealer or installer that is authorized by Miele.
  • You must fill out the registration card that arrives with the dishwasher and you must operate the appliance according to manufacturer instructions. 

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Miele Overview

Miele offers complete satisfaction or your money back - which is excellent assurance for the buyer.

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They promise that your dishwasher will be more efficient, quieter, and of higher quality than the dishwasher you used before, or you will get your money back, it is as simple as that. 

However, it is important to remember that the guarantee is good for ninety days.

Types of Miele Dishwashers

With the many new features that Miele has introduced in their latest range of dishwashers, there is sure to be one that will fit your needs .... as long as your budget allows it! 

Miele is calling its Futura Series, "the world's most intelligent dishwasher". 

We're not sure exactly what supports that claim, but it is clear that the Futura dishwashers are technologically advanced and are continuing Miele's reputation for premium performance.  They also come with Miele's adaptable basket system, which offers the flexibility of a wide range of basket configurations.

Miele Futura Diamond Series

The Futura Diamond series are full-size integrated dishwashers, and at the premium end of the Futura range.  They come with auto-sensor technology, which can automatically sense the size and soiling of the load, and a delay start feature.  Powerful LED lights allow for easy loading, and when the door gets to a near-shut position, it will smoothly close.  Diamond series products can be connected to Miele's remote monitoring system, so temperature and performance data can be transmitted.  If this feature is enabled, when a significant fault occurs, Meile's client service centre will be notified.  Now that's technology!  In terms of cleaning features, Diamond series models have an automatic water softening system, and drying technology which adjusts to ambient temperatures.

Miele Futura Dimension and Dimension Plus

Dimension models are also more advanced compared with some other Miele machines.  They come with the premium basket system which can handle extra large glasses and cookware.  They have delay start and the full range of Miele sensor technology.  Not the remote monitoring feature like the Diamond series though!  All Dimension models are integrated or full integrated, except for one model which is available in a clean-touch stainless steel finish.  Miele is one of the relatively small number of companies that offers Slimline (narrow 18 inch/45cm wide dishwashers) with an integrated custom panel.  These slimline dishwashers are in the Dimension series and are also fully ADA-compliant.   This means they meet the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and have an adjustable height to suit a variety of installation demands.

The Miele Futura Crystal

Available in black, white, clean-touch stainless steel or with a custom panel, Futura Crystal models have a few less features than some of the other Futura appliances.  They all still come with the flexible basket system, glassware cleaning system, and a door which is easy to open and close, and which can stay open in any position for easy loading.  Crystal models don't have the remote monitoring feature or some of the more advanced sensor features. 

Miele Futura Classic

The Futura Classic has the Flexicare basket system that Miele is well-known for.  It has fixed and foldable spikes and sectioned cup racks.  This is probably enough flexibility for most users; however, Classic models don't have the adjustable wine glass holders and cookware mode that the top-of-the-line models come with.  The Classic series is available in standard black, white and stainless steel.  The fully integrated option has a cutlery tray instead of a cutlery basket.  All models have the standard Autosensor feature which can add or reduce water as required, and alter water temperature and program duration depending on how dirty your dishes are.  This is a great energy efficiency feature that all Miele models have.

If you want to compare these different series in more detail, Miele has put together a handy chart comparing their different dishwashers at an overview level. 

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