AEG Favorit 60873

I have owned several AEG models now and this is the latest incarnation to have graced my house. What a joy! The programmes are all very easy to use, especially after reading the clear and concise manual provided in the box.

The most astonishing thing about this machine is just how quiet it is! The spec sheet says this is one of the features at 41db, but the difference is truly noticeable.

The LCD display on the front is easily legible and won’t be a concern for even the most technophobic of technophobes. There are 6 program modes available which cuts to the chase and simplifies the set-up process – all you have to do is hit one of the preset buttons on the front and you are ready to go.

If you have Economy 7 (UK) then the useful delay start will come in handy (as I have found) and will reduce your bills. The washer I owned previously never had this feature and it is now one I cannot do without.

The drying mechanism, coupled with Finish Glass Magic ensures all my glasses come out sparkling every time without the smearing and watermarks that are sometimes associated with dishwashers. (Especially the case here in the UK where hard-water is a real problem, but those of you from soft-water areas may not experience this.)

As you may have gathered, I love, love, love this machine and it sure saves time when you are having dinner parties with dozens of dishes and kitchen utensils to work through. The quietness is a huge boon and sits nearly silent in the corner of my kitchen. The AEG Favorit 60873 gets my unadulterated thumbs up.

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