AEG Oko Favorit Exclusiv 54619

by Robert
(Hanau, Germany)

We purchased our dishwasher at a local shop here in Hanau called Ostheimer. (This store is no longer in business here in Hanau, but I believe they still have branches in other cities). We purchased it back in April of 2003. It was the last model in the series and it sold for a very good price.

The main reason we purchased this dishwasher is because of its water-saving function. It is very frugal with water. Also, it has several settings, so you can do a quick wash of just a few items (or a load of dishes which is not very dirty) or a longer, more intensive wash.

In addition to being frugal with water, it also does not require a lot of detergent to get the dishes sparkling clean. We would normally use half the amount that we used in our old dishwasher for the exact same amount of dishes. Yet the dishes got just as clean.

The more extensive cleaning program also had a drying function. This was nice as, unlike in the shorter program, the dishes would come out not only completely dry, but also without any water spots. Very nice.

While we like the variety of cleaning programs and have been very, very happy with how the machine cleans our dishes, pots, and silverware, we do have one very big critique of this model: that in the five-and-one-half years we have owned the machine, it has needed repairs three times! The first repair was a minor one (something with the software as I recall); luckily this happened during the dishwasher's warenty period. The second breakdown occurred about seven months after the guarantee ran out. This time it was a major and costly repair (pump needed replacing). Finally, last summer, it needed servicing yet again. The maintenance technician had to clean a blockage in one of the tubes.

Our overall view of this product is: while it gets the job done very well, the number of repairs it required is a burden. I would not purchase this model again in future. Compared with our last dishwasher (a Bosch, the model number I do not recall), while the AEG has more programs, the Bosch lasted several years longer.

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