Amana ADB-2

We purchased an Amana ADB-2 dishwasher on August 12, 2006 for $799.00 and had to replace the circuit board a couple of years ago and now it needs replacing again. These parts are very expensive and if we'd known this was going to happen twice in less than 5 years - we would not have bought it.

Is this something that tends to happen with these dishwashers? At the time we bought the dishwasher, we also purchased a gas stove with the overhead microwave and the matching fridge with the freezer on the bottom. They all match but now we're thinking that we may have to go to a different brand of dishwasher. We haven't gotten another circuit board and if it's only going to last a couple of years - we will probably not get another Amana appliance. We certainly were not informed of this when we bought our appliances.

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