Amana ADBI600AWB1

by Doreen Hess
(Wooler Ontario Canada)

My Amana dishwasher is a disappointment on almost every level.

The good thing about it is that it runs quietly. The bad things, leaves a dry hard white powdery film on all dishes. Glasses have the same film that will not scrape off. I've ruined every one of my dishes. I've put vinegar in the rinse cycle and still have film. I want Amana to come to my house and fix this problem.

We paid in good faith and expect to be treated the same. Thank you for your attention. Doreen Hess

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Aug 08, 2012
Horrible dishwasher
by: vicki

We basically use this dishwasher to dry the dishes after we wash them in the sink. They come out of a wash cycle dirtier than when they went in. It's been serviced three times for the clean light not going off. Once this happens the dishwasher won't run off, can't turn it off or on. They claim its from the water temp changing while washing. We have hot water on demand!! Pretty sure that's not the problem. We have had this dishwasher almost a year, tried every kind of detergent and still it doesn't clean the dishes.

Now the soap dispenser is crusted with white gunk that ran down on the silverware. Service Man said it was the City Water, but I just read another review with the same problem. Doubt she lives in Casper Wyoming.

I asked if I could return and exchange this useless dishwasher. NO...Talk to Amana.

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