Amana Dishwashers
Creating Style with Value

The Amana dishwashers provide many features that might be exactly what you are looking for to clean your dishes.

Many of those features include large loads, quiet, super clean, and Amana models are affordable for most households.

Amana Overview

If you are looking for a dishwasher that has the capability to wash large loads then you might consider an Amana dishwasher. All of the tall tub dishwashers have the capability to hold up to 14 place settings.

This is a large load of dishes. In addition, the upper rack of the dishwasher is tiered which allows you to place more dishes in the top rack and the way the dishes sit in the rack assists in good cleaning.

Amana Dishwashers At a Glance

 ADB1600AWS ADB1100AWS Stainless Steel with Tall Tub Dishwasher star ratings

• Style: Color: Black, White, Traditional Bisque, Universal Silver, Stainless Steel with Black; Size: 34 1/2 Inches x 33 7/8 Inches; Other: Twice as Nice™ Silverware Baskets, Touchmatic Electronic Controls, Square Lower Rack Style, New Core Upper Rack Style, Plastic White TallTub, Vinyl Rack Material, Ice Gray Light Rack, Small Item Clips (2), Rinse Aid Dispenser with Indicator
• Cleaning: Point Wash System, 2/4/6 Hour Delay Wash, 14 Place Settings, Wash Sensor, Heated Dry Option, Hi Temp Wash Option, Built-In Hard Food Disposer, CleanPlate Wash System, Soil Sensor
• Cycles: No. of Cycle - 3; Normal Wash Cycle, Quick Wash Cycle, Heavy Wash Cycle
• Features: SofSound™ I Sound Package, 63 DBA, ENERGY STAR® Qualified , Antimicrobial Component Protection, Control Lockout, 1/3 Motor Horsepower HERE
 ADB1400AWS ADB1400PYS Stainless Steel with Tub Tall Tub Dishwasher star ratings

• Style: Color: Black, Bisque, White, Universal Silver, Stainless Steel with Black; Size: 34.5 Inches x 23.875 Inches; Other: Rack SWB (2) Silverware Basket, Plastic White Tall Tub interior, New Core Upper Rack Style, Touchmatic Electronic Controls, Square Lower Rack Style, Rinse Aid Dispenser, 2 Racks, Rack Material Vinyl, Ice Gray Light Rack
• Cleaning: Point Wash System, 4 hour Delay Wash, Heated Dry Option, Hi Temp Wash Option, Built-In Hard Food Disposer, CleanPlate Wash System, Electronic Console, 14 Place Settings
• Cycles: No. of Cycle - 3; Heavy Wash Cycle, Normal Wash Cycle, Quick Wash Cycle
• Features: SofSound™ I Sound Package 63 DBA, ENERGY STAR® Qualified, Twice as Nice™ In-Rack Silverware Baskets, Antimicrobial Component Protection, Control Lockout

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My AMANA Dishwasher is a great machine that I would recommend to anyone who wants save money, time and still get super clean dishes. My AMANA is very quiet …

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Purchased this dishwasher Sept.28, 2011 and had to have service on day one. Thus far, we have had service out 5 to 6 times with various different problems. …

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Terrible Dishwasher! This is the 4th time the panel broke. Do not get this dishwasher!!

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Some dishwashers you have to worry about putting too many dishes in because they won’t get clean. Another reason the racks are so great is that you can remove the top rack entirely for occasions when you need to wash the extra tall kitchen pots and pans. You won’t have to use the sprayer and have to awkwardly wash the oversized pots and pans anymore. If you put off cooking your favorite meals because you need the tall pans to cook them and it is too much of a pain to wash them then you now don’t have to worry about that anymore. The top and bottom racks of the dishwasher have ball tip tines so you also don’t have to worry about them scratching up your dinner ware and your expensive cookware.


Upper Shoal aerial view
The Amana dishwashers put the silverware racks inside the door of the dishwasher which also gives you more space for dishes. There are two silverware baskets which gives you twice as much space for silverware. This also allows for you to fit the tall kitchen knives and the tall serving spoons in the dishwasher without the top rack interfering and getting stuck. This can be frustrating when an extra long knife is wedged inside the silverware basket and the top rack. All of the these dishwashers give you the ability to run a load of dishes and finally enjoy some peace and quiet with a sound silencing system. What a change it will be for you to not have to finally turn up the television extremely loud so you can hear over the loud dishwasher. The system used by Amana is called SofSound and it runs each of your dishwasher loads quietly. Life is often loud enough, especially if you have a large family.


The MasterClean Plus Wash System is also built into the Amana dishwasher family. This cleaning system provides for you to be able to match the cleaning level each load needs. If you need to run a light load just to rinse glasses then you can set it this way. If you have a pan of lasagna or hardened grease then this system will be able to match the cleaning level and provide hot enough water to activate the detergent and wash away all of the grime existing on the dishes. Additional features are that each model comes in different colors. This allows you to get the model you want with the color that matches your kitchen the best. You won’t be stuck with a dishwasher that doesn’t match the other appliances in the kitchen. The dishwashers come in black, white, bisque, stainless steel, and silver metallic. Many people settle for the dishwasher they want but are stuck with a color they hate. Now you don’t have to worry about that. The most popular styles today are the black, stainless steel, and the silver metallic.


Theses dishwashers are also affordable for every household. You don’t have to worry about paying over a thousand dollars to have clean dishes. The price ranges for Amana dishwashers run from $329 to $699. The models are all almost the same. The price ranges primarily differ from the different colors or styles. The stainless steel models are the most expensive because they are stainless steel. There is a delay wash feature you can take advantage of too. if you often use the delay wash because of the noise then you won’t have to worry about that. However, the delay wash is good if you have a large number of people in your home and you have to share the hot water. You can be sure to run the dishwasher after everyone is asleep or after you have left for work in the morning. This will allow you to wake up or come home from work to a clean load of dishes. You can run the dishwasher when it is convenient for you. The preset option is good because when you have times that you forget to run the dishwasher it will still run for you. The Amana dishwashers have the energy star tags on them because they have passed the energy saving regulations. This can benefit you because they take less water to wash a clean load which means you will have a lower water bill. You will also be saving on your energy bills too. Because the dishwasher has the ability to match the levels of clean then it won’t run for long periods of time on dishes that just need a good rinse.

Final Thought

The features of the Amana series dishwashers include 10 push buttons on the front of the units. They are easy to use and easy to understand so you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to run a load. There are 16 indicator lights on the front so you don’t have to guess how much time is left until the load is completed. There is no guessing with these dishwashers. The Amana dishwashers have excellent features matching the cleaning needs of people today. There isn’t a lot of guessing with these models. They wash dishes powerfully and you can load extra large loads of dishes. These dishwashers are advanced with the latest technologies so you can benefit from a virtually silent machine that washes dishes the cleanest.
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