Americana (model ADW1100NWW)

I have been using an Americana (model ADW1100NWW) dishwaser for the past 3 years. Although this is not a high-end appliance, it has several desirable features.

It somehow combines a relatively small exterior size with a fairly roomy interior, great for my small kitchen. For my family of 3, it takes a few days to fill it up with dishes and other washables. That said, it is not large enough to put in more than a coupe of pots or pans. I find the arrangement of the racks to be very good, allowing me to fit tons of stuff in there in a good arrangement so that everything gets washed well.

The wash options are to have a hot prewash, normal wash, and then a heated dry cycle. I always do normal wash only, with no heated drying. I find that to get my dishes perfectly clean most every time, and only rarely have to re-wash something.

Another plus is that this is an energy star washer, so you do get a more efficient appliance with this one. The negative about the washing is that it is very loud. My house is not large, and if the dishwasher is on and I'm in the living room watching television, I will have to turn up the volume substantially to hear. For that reason alone, I probably would not buy this dishwasher again if I had more money to spend when upgrading a kitchen.

However, for a very low-cost dishwasher ($219 at home depot last time I noticed), it is a good buy.

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Sep 12, 2012
by: robho3

****BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT**** We manage an apartment complex and had purchased several of these units. Last month a tenant complained that it was leaking. When my repairman looked at it he said the tub liner was warping. The tub liner could not be replace so we would need a new unit. This washer was 3 years old. When I called GE they said that dishwashers should last 8-10 years and offered to give me $150 credit which I found acceptable. Two weeks later the same thing happened to a second exact unit. This time when I called GE it was a completely differect expierence. They said they would have to send an authorized GE person out to look at it...The earliest appointment was a week. When the GE repairman can out he confirmed that it was a warped liner. The problem was he could not get through to GE so he had to reschedule to come back AGAIN in another week. At that time he could STILL not reach the office- so he emailed them. In the meantime I have a tenant now that has not had a working dishwasher for 2 weeks. Another week went by before I heard from GE. At which time I was told they could offer me a $30 credit. I told them to shove it!!! I understand these units are the bottom of the line and would be willing to pay for any repair that might have been needed but the entire unit could not be repaired. Obviously this product is defective. We have original dishwashers in 70% of our unit which we bought in 1993 and are still running fine. When I ask the GE rep if their product is only expected to last three years she could not answer that question. Needless to say we are VERY disappointed in how GE handled this situation and will not be buying ANY products from them in the future. I now have a third unit that looks like the same thing is happening to. So all the people that gavet this item a good rating....I'd like to see if you feel the same way in 2-3 years

Jan 11, 2011
by: Peter

This dishwasher is garbage! I have decided to shop at Lowes the nest time. The Home Depot has alot of nerve to sell this type of merchandise to their customers. Yes, it was only $219, but they should have specified that it does not clean.

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