Asko D3121

by Alicia
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I bought this dishwasher at Water, Inc. a few years ago when my husband and I built our current home. I loved the stainless steel outside, which matched my kitchen design and other appliances perfectly. I also love that it is a quiet machine; I definitely cannot hear it from the next room which is exactly the way that I want it. The cutlery basket is also movable.

It can be placed anywhere in the bottom level of the dishwasher, which is so helpful when trying to put as many dishes as possible in the machine. It has been a great machine needing no repairs in the over three years I have had it.

It holds a lot of dishes, which for my large family means less loads, and thus less water and electricity use. It is more reliable, fits more dishes and is more environmentally friendly than any other dishwasher make and model I have used. Asko in general is also great because they can match the outside design to fit in with almost any kitchen decor.

I would absolutely recommend this machine to anyone, but especially to larger families as the big loads it washes is one of its biggest assets! Compared to other dishwashers that I have owned, this has definitely been the best.

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Oct 11, 2011
Problems after 2 years of usage
by: Mrs. B

My Asko dishwasher was working perfectly fine for the last 1 1/2 (haven't been able to use it for a few months) years but now it has left a puddle of water and it leaks!!! I don't know what the problem is and am planning on calling the customer service line and hopefully they can help. The design and low level of noise it makes is great but problems after a few years of usage is just a piece of lemon. Very disappointed.

Jun 30, 2011
ASKO is here to help!

In what country do you reside? Have you contacted ASKO service in your area? If so, what company and when? Unfortunately with the power of the internet, company's deal with negative comments for various reasons including competitors lurking in the dark. Your problems indicate poor drain function (or improper use of detergent / rinse aid) which normally results from incorrect installation of the drain hose (not maintaining the high loop provided from the factory). Keep in mind if you in the USA, all new detergents are non-phosphate and require a different approach depending on the hardness/softness of your water. All ASKO's are 100% tested in the factory before packaging. It is unfortunate that you haven't provided contact info so someone can assist you? Please inform of the best method to contact and what country you reside and we will gladly assist immediately. Until we talk directly, best wishes.

Jun 29, 2011
Asko 3121 Dishwasher
by: Peggy

I hate my Asko dishwasher. It runs f-o-r-e-v-e-r and leaves a powdery-gritty residue all over the dishes. I have been cleaning the bottom filter every day...doesn't help. Our water is very, very hot...doesn't help. I rinse the dishes before putting them...doesn't help. It's as tho theres a dust fairy in there waiting to tick me off! I have two other dishwashers...much cheaper...much more effective. I'd never spend too much money on a dishwasher again. I'd certainly never-never-never buy an Asko again.

Jun 21, 2011
Contact ASKO Australia
by: Don Prevette

Contact ASKO Australia Service at 1300 00 2756

Apr 16, 2011
asko dishwasher D3121 should have been factory recall
by: Dannielle Fellows

I purchased this model dishwasher and initially was extremely happy with both it's appearance and operation, but then the warranty ran out. And so did this dishwashers ability to work, within a month of the warranty expiration the whole control/mother board went and needed to be replaced at a cost of over $600.00 AUS. Asko in Australia were contacted and they didn't care- out of warranty - apparently this in an extremely common fault with this model dishwasher( I wonder why they didn't do a recall, perhaps because it would have cost them money). So buyer beware it appears this is designed only to last as long as the warranty and for the expense well over $3000.00 certainly not worth it I will never buy another ASKO product again nor will I let my friends.

Nov 04, 2010
We welcome your ASKO feedback
by: ASKO Marketing

Irish Mike,

We would love to hear more about your experience with your ASKO dishwasher. Please send your contact information to Please provide your complete model and serial number so we can research your product history. We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

ASKO USA Marketing

Mar 30, 2009
looks aint everything
by: Irish Mike

Yeah, it looks great.and very quiet also, it should be because............. Here it is almost April and my Asko Dishwasher hasn't worked since LAST OCTOBER!
that's right 6 monthes. it is kinda my fault because the repairman kept wanting to come by on a friday afternoon, {between 2 and 5 naturally}!!
Asko sucks almost as much as Viking cook tops. We finally got bought out for the cooktop, after 8 visits from 3 different guys. next time, fire in a trash can and a plastic dishpan.

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