Asko D3551XLHDSS

by Allan
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Prior to my purchase of two Asko dishwashers, I previously had, over time, four dishwashers in the $400 to $500 price range. I never had to have a repair to any of my prior dishwashers.

When I decided to have my kitchen remodeled, my designer recommended that I include two Asko dishwashers as part of my appliance purchase. Let me mention that I could have purchased four good quality stainless steel dishwashers for what I paid for my two Asko dishwashers.

I have now had my Asko dishwashers for three years and I have had nothing but problems. I am now waiting for another repairman to arrive because one of my two Asko dishwashers will not drain properly. If I were able to turn back time, I would never again purchase an Asko dishwasher.

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