ASKO D5223XXLCS XXL Series Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher

24 inches 12 Place Setting Capacity Curved Door Handle

24 inches 12 Place Setting Capacity Curved Door Handle

Smooth, sleek and sophisticated, the ASKO D5223XXLCS may surprise a prospective buyer by the fact that it only sells for a little more or less than a thousand dollars. With no comparison with other ASKO XXL series dishwashers, this particular model can already offer the most basic features, options and much more. The consumer can expect safety, affordability, customization and style all rolled into one machine.

Interior Features
  • The has 7 temperature settings and 6 wash/dry options to choose from. Though the dishwasher model cannot produce the 8 temperature and 12 wash/dry options that other models have, what it has is enough to provide just the right conditions for the dishes to be washed and dried thoroughly.
  • With PowerZone washing options, the dishwasher can deliver just the right amount of water pressure on the dishes. There is a ASKO D5223XXLCS PowerZone option for pots and pans and another one for cutlery. The dishwasher operates with a 7 spray wash system. It has a Self-Cleaning Triple Filtration System (SCS) for easy cleanup.
  • Armed with safety features, the ASKO D5223XXLCS should be safe to operate around small children. Of course, supervision is still highly advised. In the case that children do get near the appliance without the presence of the adults, the KidSafe feature should act as a backup.
  • The dishwasher model comes with a 2 plus 1 year warranty on labors and parts. This is a backup on the otherwise very durable and rust-free materials used to build the dishwasher.

    Exterior Features

  • The frame, the filter, the spray arms and the tank are all made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is well-chosen for its rust-free characteristic.
  • The FlexiRacks feature help in accommodating different types of wares into the dishwasher. The racks can be reorganized and adjusted to suit the current load.
  • The door handle is curved instead of the more usual towel bar door handle style. This offers more convenience to the user.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 7/8 inches
    Height: 33 3/4 to 36 inches
    Width: 23 5/8 inches
    Weight: 104 pounds


    The ASKO D5223XXLCS dishwasher operates at a mere 50 dB(A). So, it will not disturb the household when it is on. The racks can be adjusted to suit oddly-shaped, tall or wide objects. The dishwasher is safe to use, whether the consumer has a child in tow or not. It is also an easy to use and install product – a dream-come-true for people who hate to read or reread manuals. The product is built to last but the manufacturer still backs it up with a pretty good warranty.


    There is no door handle style option. The consumer has to be content with just one style – the curved door handle one. The additional features found in other ASKO XXL dishwashers could be a little more reassuring.


  • easy to use and install
  • practical in its affordability and complete basic features
  • with flexible, adjustable racks
  • loaded with safety features
  • made to last long
  • backed up with a good warranty deal
  • quiet operation


  • could do with more style options
  • additional features could provide more convenience and flexibility

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