ASKO D5223XXLIS XXL Series Stainless Steel Built-in Tall Tank Design Dishwasher

24 inches Energy Star Compliant Covered Grip Door Handle

24 inches Energy Star Compliant Covered Grip Door Handle

For consumers looking for a great money saver, the thousand dollar ASKO D5223XXLIS should be the answer. The dishwasher model is packed with great features and functions, all put to use efficiently as the unit is Energy Star compliant. What it lacks in some departments, it makes up with other great features, such as the AquaLevel Sensor and extra quiet operation.

Interior Features
  • With 5 temperature settings, 5 wash/dry program cycles and a TurboDry feature, the ASKO D5223XXLIS has fewer customization options than other ASKO XXL dishwashers. However, the dishwasher provides a practical choice to consumers who use only a few options, anyway. The product is significantly cheaper and is also Energy Star compliant.
  • The dishwasher model is safe to use. It is equipped with a very useful ChildLock system, which makes it ideal for households that include young children. The AquaDetect sensor, AquaSafe water safety system and SteamSafe feature all work together to make ASKO D5223XXLIS a safe product to use.
  • The product offers convenience and ease of use in many levels and ways. The ASKO D5223XXLIS makes use of an LCD display for easy viewing of operation status. The product is easy to install and to use. So, manuals may be used sparingly. The 9 hour maximum delay start also provides convenience in advanced planning.
  • Generating power according to the need of the load, the dishwasher provides practical efficiency at every wash. The ASKO D5223XXLIS also has a self-cleaning triple filtration system, which further provides both power and efficiency.

    Exterior Features

  • Though the ASKO D5223XXLIS may not have the ultimate 4 level rack system, but the 2 level rack system should suffice given that the racks are adjustable and able to accommodate wares of different sizes and shapes. There is also a knife guard to separate sharp objects from the rest of the objects.
  • The door handle makes use of a covered grip design for ease of use. Often made with TouchProof stainless steel, the ASKO D5223XXLIS also has black or white options.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 inches
    Height: 34 3/8 to 36 1/2 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Weight: 104 pounds


    Affordable and energy efficient, the ASKO D5223XXLIS should give the buyer a lot of savings. This practical choice of a dishwasher is able to deliver several features without being too packed with options that do not get used, anyway. The dishwasher is easy to use and to install. Convenience functions and the EasyInstall feature all help to make this possible. The product is also safe to use, being packed with safety features. The rack system offers enough space for all sorts of wares, including tall and wide objects.


    Not a lot of bad things can be said about the ASKO D5223XXLIS. The fact that it is not the flashiest of dishwasher models may hurt it though, especially when compared with other ASKO XXL units.


  • affordable
  • practical choice
  • comes with a warranty
  • safe and easy to use
  • easy to install


  • not noticeable when placed against other models

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