ASKO D5223XXLIS XXL Series Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher

24 inches with 12 Place Setting Capacity 6 Wash/Dry Program Cycles

24 inches with 12 Place Setting Capacity 6 Wash/Dry Program Cycles

For just a thousand dollars, the prospective consumer can enjoy a high capacity dishwasher with enough program cycles and temperature settings to choose from. The D5223XXLIS also has the typical ASKO XXL FlexiRacks, which enables the washing of tall, wide and oddly shaped objects. Safe and convenient features are all locked inside a sleek, sophisticated stainless steel casing.

Interior Features
  • The ASKO XXL D5223XXLIS has 6 wash/dry programs and 7 temperature settings as options. The consumer can make adjustments that can result to the perfect combination for washing a particular load. For example, higher temperatures and a heavy wash program with TurboDry should be chosen for washing and drying pots and pans that are all greased up.
  • The dishwasher model provides convenience and ease of use to the consumer. It is easy to install for a fully integrated model. It is also not a nuisance, as it only produces 50 dB(A) of sound, imperceptible to ordinary listening. The dishwasher is also able to accommodate several kick sizes, with 6 inches as the biggest.
  • Safe to use, the D5223XXLIS can be operated near young children. The door should be locked well during operation because of the KidSafe feature.
  • With the dishwasher’s PowerZone Pots-and-Pans, PowerZone Cutlery and 7 Spray Wash System, the ASKO XXL D5223XXLIS can generate water pressure according to the needs of the current load. The dishwasher also operates with a self-cleaning triple filtration system (SCS).

    Exterior Features

  • The ASKO XXL D5223XXLIS’s FlexiRack feature allows it to make way for differently shaped and sized objects in the adjustable racks. Both the stemware rack in the upper rack system and the tines in the lower rack are adjustable.
  • The door handle makes use of integrated grip. The general material used is stainless steel, for the avoidance of rust.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 7/8 inches
    Height: 33 3/4 to 36 inches
    Width: 23 5/8 inches
    Weight: 104 pounds


    Being affordable, the ASKO XXL D5223XXLIS should be the perfect starter dishwasher. The model may also be used by the average consumer as it has just about everything that is needed to accommodate all sorts of loads. The dishwasher is easy and convenient to use, not to mention easy to install. It also has great safety features. The parts and materials used are strong and durable enough to last long. Stainless steel gives the product a rust-free quality. The product’s durability is still backed up with a warranty. The rack system is adjustable and can be organized in a way to fit the items to be washed and dried.


    This dishwasher may not be the model of choice for people who want the latest technology and the fanciest features in one appliance.


  • easy to install
  • safe and easy to use
  • with flexible and adjustable rack system
  • has enough temperature settings and wash/dry program cycles
  • affordable and practical for the average user
  • made of strong and durable materials
  • has 2 plus 1 year warranty
  • convenient
  • 12 place settings


  • may not have all the latest features

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