ASKO D5233ADAFI ADA Series Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher

 24 inches Energy Star Custom Panel Ready

24 inches Energy Star Custom Panel Ready

At one glance, the ASKO D5233ADAFI appears to be just the like the rest of the dishwashers brought to the industry by the manufacturer. However, a few features that are distinctly part of the ADA series, such as the TurboFan drying system and SuperCleaning system manage to crop up in this dishwasher model. Some buyers may focus on the extra features it offers rather than the noticeably smaller number of customization options.

Interior Features
  • The ASKO D5233ADAFI has 7 temperature settings, 12 place settings and 6 wash/dry program options. Compared to other ASKO dishwashers, this roster may not be that impressive. However, the options are enough to cover a lot of ground in terms of washing varying degrees of grime and varying sizes of pots, pans and cutlery. The dishes are effectively dried using the TurboFan drying system.
  • The 7 Spray Wash System is used in varying degrees. The PowerZone Pots and Pans and the PowerZone Cutlery are ASKO trademark features that are used depending on the sizes of the dishes being washed in the ASKO D5233ADAFI. This ADA dishwasher also makes use of a SuperCleaning system.
  • The dishwasher is highly programmable making it convenient to use. It can be programmed to wash the dishes at a certain schedule. The five hour delay start makes this possible. To conserve energy, the dishwasher may also be programmed to operate at half load efficiency. This makes washing a few pieces not wasteful at all. It would also not be pleasant to just leave those few pieces dirty just to wait for a few more dirty plates and glasses.
  • The highly efficient and durable ASKO D5233ADAFI is easy to install and safe to use. Safety features round up the list of helpful characteristics of this dishwasher.

    Exterior Features

  • FlexiRacks make accommodating all sorts of glasses, plates, pots and pans possible. There is even a separate basket for cutlery. The racks are well-organized but adjustable.
  • The finish is TouchProof stainless steel. The spray arms, filter and tank are all also made of stainless steel for a durable, rust-free finish. The door handle is available in towel bar design.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 7/8 inches
    Height: 32 ΒΌ to 35 1/2 inches
    Width: 24 inches


    This ADA model is affordable. It also offers a lot of helpful features including some that are apparently unique to the ADA series. Safe and easy to use, the ASKO D5233ADAFI should not cause harm even to first-time dishwasher users. The dishwasher offers energy efficient features and functions, including the half load option. The racks can be organized to accommodate just about anything that need to be washed inside the ASKO D5233ADAFI . Durable stainless steel is used to ensure longer, rust-free years of use. This durability is further backed up with a two year plus one warranty on parts and labor.


    Though easy to install, the product can be hefty to maneuver.

  • safe and easy to use
  • with movable racks that can accommodate just about anything
  • quiet operation
  • efficient cleaning system
  • affordable


  • difficult to maneuver, being heavy

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