Asko D5233ADAFI Designer Dishwasher

TouchProof Stainless Steel/White/Black/Glass, 12-Place Setting,  ADA-Height Compliant, 6 Wash Cycles

TouchProof Stainless Steel/White/Black/Glass, 12-Place Setting, ADA-Height Compliant, 6 Wash Cycles

The D5233ADAFI does not really stray from the good traits of many Asko machines. The model possesses the unique blend of energy and water efficiency and fluid, sleek design that reflects the original aesthetics and functions of the first Asko machine. The Asko D5233ADAFI is one dishwasher that boasts of superior cleaning power and reliability. With advanced features and design, it is no wonder how the Asko D5233ADAFI has fulfilled consumer expectations. With all the innovative designs and features, this model still carries a very reasonable price tag.

Interior Features
  • As for the interior of the dishwasher, you can be assured that its baskets and design have been selected for the convenience of the user. The 18:9 stainless steel tank, filter and spray arms plus galvanized steel base pan all ensure hygienic cleaning as these components are rust- and corrosion-proof, so you are guaranteed that your dining ware will not have paint chips or rust in them.
  • The FLEXIRACKS that accommodate the items that need to be washed present flexibility in space and advancement in design. The upper rack’s height is adjustable, while the exclusive lower rack can accommodate large pans, plates, and even trays. There is a separate basket for cutlery and the racks contain adjustable tines to ensure stability of the items.
  • Aside from the 6 wash programs designed for different types of dishware, the dishwasher also comes with useful programming options to customize each wash, such as the 7 temperature settings, 5-hour delay start, time saver option, end-of-program signal, and the half-load wash.
  • The powerful cleaning system of the unit is composed of the 7Spray wash system, PowerZone - Pots-and-Pans, PowerZone - Cutlery, SensiClean Sensor, Aqualevel Sensor, and SuperCleaningSystem. The TurboFan Drying System ensures clean and spotless drying.
  • The machine is designed to be easily installed and to work as quietly as possible at 49 dB(A).
    It is equipped with safety features such as the AquaSafe water safety system, KidSafe feature, SteamSafe feature, and AquaDetect Sensor.

    Exterior Features

  • The balanced door feature of this model requires you to use only the most minimum of pressure to operate it. No grunting, no screeching noises, everything is quiet and smooth. As for the door handle, you may either opt for the towel bar or curved handle design, which ever you prefer.
  • The model is available in its TouchProof Stainless Steel finish that makes for very easy maintenance and cleaning. No icky stains, smudges, and fingerprints for this dishwasher. Other finishes for accessory panels are in white, black, and glass.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 23 5/8 inches
    Depth: 22 7/8 inches
    Height: 32 1/4 to 35 1/2 inches
    Total capacity: 12 -place setting


    The 12-place setting capacity allows for flexibility of items to be accommodated by the dishwasher. No matter how big, small, oddly-shaped, wide, or narrow your items are, this washer will clean it! The AquaSafe water safety system ensures you that the water used to clean your dining ware is really clean. What you get are items that do not only look clean but really are free of bacteria and germs that may come from unsafe water. The KidSafe feature assures you that while the machine is operating, children can accidentally come near or even try to play with the machine but will not be harmed. The dishwashe has a good set of programs and options to customize each wash per load. Given its reliable cleaning performance, the unit offers a good value for money.


    The six wash programs the washer contains may be few for discriminating users who want more wash programs for specific wash items.


  • 7 temperature settings up to 160 degrees F
  • delay start of 5 hours
  • time saver option
  • half-load wash option
  • end-of-program signal
  • intelligent sensors
  • cleans well


  • only 6 wash programs

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