ASKO D5253XXLHS XXL Series Stainless Steel Tall Tank Dishwasher

24 inches TouchProof Stainless Steel with SensiClean Sensor System

24 inches TouchProof Stainless Steel with SensiClean Sensor System

The ASKO D5253XXLHS features the most important customization features in its durable, stainless steel frame. Though it has fewer options than some ASKO XXL models, this particular dishwasher fosters easy cleanup while featuring 17 place setting options, 4 level rack system, 7 basket configuration and quiet operation. The roundup of features seems enough to keep the consumer happy and comfortable.

Interior Features
  • The customizable features of the ASKO D5253XXLHS include 6 wash/dry programs and 8 temperature settings. The number of features is just enough to cover most types of loads while not bordering on the excessive. Having too many options may cause confusion. Anyway, a household usually has about the same load of dishes, in terms of types of items and amount of grease and grime.
  • With a delay start system of up to five hours and a time saver, the ASKO D5253XXLHS helps the consumer manage his or her time. The consumer does not have to spend a whole day waiting on the dishes.
  • The dishwasher has many safe-conscious features such as the KidSafe and AquaSafe features. It is, therefore, compatible to use in households with young children. The ASKO D5253XXLHS is easy to use. This characteristic also contributes to its safety. Users do not have to get into an accident during its operation.
  • Though the ASKO D5253XXLHS is energy efficient, it features some powerful washing and drying capability that can help in quickly washing away the toughest spots of grime and taking away all traces of moisture. These features include the 10 Spray Wash System, the Turbo Dry feature and the SensiClean Sensor System.

    Exterior Features

  • The ASKO D5253XXLHS is encased in a stainless steel frame, which makes it pretty much invincible against water. The tank, filter and spray arms are also made of the same material. Stainless steel is rust-free and durable.
  • The dishwasher makes use of a towel-bar style handle for easy gripping.
  • The FlexiRack system helps keep things well-organized and accommodated inside the dishwasher. The racks are adjustable for easy accommodation.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 inches
    Height: 36 1/2 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Weight: 104 pounds


    Because it is Energy Star compliant, the ASKO D5253XXLHS dishwasher can save the user a lot of money in energy bills. It also helps to be able to contribute to the conservation of energy. It has just the right amount of customization features that could help the user create the best adjustments for his or her typical dishwasher load. The dishwasher is safe and easy to use. Installation is also quite easy even for people with not a lot of technical know-how. The racks are adjustable, making it easy to accommodate tall and wide pieces. The price is affordable, considering that this is a built-in model.


    Though just as big as other models from the ASKO XXL series, the dishwasher model does not have the same amount of features.


  • Energy Star compliant
  • easy to use and install
  • has great safety features
  • has adjustable racks
  • made with durable materials


  • may be lacking in the customization options department

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    Jun 28, 2015
    Great Dishwasher Capacity PLUS NEW
    by: Bear In TN

    I have read so many negative reviews of ASKO dishwashers. I can't imagine any company producing junk and commanding such high prices. I weighed many things before buying my D5253XXLHS. I love it. This replaced an $1800+ Thermador built by Bosch. The Thermador was good but not great. I ran a load almost everyday. The ASKO runs either every other day or every 3rd that's capacity. The 3 baskets make so much sense. There is a 4th level for sharp knives. The racks have so much flexibility I don't know how I did without this dishwasher all of these years. The Thermador had flexibility but counted on different inserts (racks) to put in. Now those racks when not in use have to be stored somewhere....such a pain. They arrived inside the dishwasher and never saw the interior of it again. I've owned 3 American dishwashers which were nothing but junk although they were top of the line. I've owned 3 European dishwashers. This is my 3rd. Two were German made. The quality and workmanship in the ASKO is superb. I'm only hoping that I have trouble free dishwashing as I've had with the other two European made machines.

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