ASKO D5883XXLFIENC ENCORE Series Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher

24 inches Energy Star 10 Wash/Dry Programs

24 inches Energy Star 10 Wash/Dry Programs

Packed with customization options, the ASKO D5883XXLFIENC from the ENCORE series offers 10 wash/dry settings and 8 temperature options. The functions and the safety features are plentiful and they are all crammed inside an elegant and equally durable stainless steel frame. This dishwasher model is also further elevated in the industry through its CoolTouch and SuperRinse features.

Interior Features
  • With 10 wash/dry settings and 8 temperature levels available, the dishwasher can be customized to suit the user’s particular washing and drying needs. The maximum temperature setting of 160 degrees Fahrenheit combined with the heavy wash setting or the pots and pans setting may be used to wash away the toughest grime. The TurboDry feature helps in completely absorbing the moisture from the dishes.
  • The ASKO D5883XXLFIENC has several convenience features, including the presence of interior halogen light for easy cleaning. An LCD display and the end of program signal together provide easy to read status when the product is on. The design of the dishwasher also makes it pretty easy to install and then to use. The delay start function, another convenience feature, enables the user to plan the washing up to 24 hours ahead of time.
  • The dishwasher is equipped with a powerful cleaning system, thanks to the 7 Spray wash system and the self-cleaning triple filtration system. The ASKO D5883XXLFIENC also comes with an AquaSensor feature.
  • There are no worries when using the ASKO D5883XXLFIENC. The dishwasher is full of safety features that prevent the user from coming to any harm. Any sign of a defect, however, should be checked.

    Exterior Features

  • Like other ASKO dishwashers, the D5883XXLFIENC makes use of FlexiRacks. This particular model’s rack system is modeled after other ASKO dishwashers’ racks but are complemented with trademark Encore pieces, such as the Encore lower rack. The racks are adjustable and there are separate baskets to secure the sharp objects and the cutlery.
  • There is an option between the towel bar design and the curved design when it comes to the door handle. The frame of the product is made of stainless steel and so are the tank and other important parts. Stainless steel is used to create a rust-free and durable environment.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 7/8 inches
    Height: 33 3/4 to 36 inches
    Width: 23 5/8 inches
    Weight: 104 pounds


    With so many functions and features, the ASKO D5883XXLFIENC becomes a one-stop solution. It can provide the washing and drying solution for just about any plate, pot, glass, pan, cutlery and more. The degree of grease and grime does not matter because the dishwasher has the energy-efficient and powerful solution. Convenience features help the dishwasher make the life of the owner a lot easier than usual. This is what modern technology should be all about anyway. Safety features help the dishwasher earn approval from families with young children. The barely imperceptible 45 dB(A) frequency prevents the dishwasher from being a nuisance.


    The features are plentiful. This could mean one thing – the product can get pretty expensive.


  • easy to use and install
  • prevents accidents through safety features
  • with adjustable racks
  • quiet operation
  • filled with functions and features


  • expensive

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