Asko Dishwasher D3152

by Will
(Vail, CO)

This dishwasher has been a nightmare. After 3 years and 3 months of ownership (3 months after warranty expiration) the control board went out (repairman thinks).

The local Asko authorized dealer/repair shop has been waiting over two months for the replacement part with no end in sight. He says that others in our area are also waiting this length of time. The Asko customer service people say this shop's wholesale parts distributer has two of these parts, but no one can make anything happen.

For the past week we've been trying to get the part shipped. The Asko service center has been utterly incompetent (re-directing our phone call to incorrect numbers; telling us the part has been shipped when it has not; etc etc). The dealer is apparently screening our calls now.

Also, the dishwasher has always had the problem of filth building up around the lower part of the door seal, and silverware cleaning has been poor.

Due to our jobs we've lived in about 10 homes in the last 25 years, with all types of dishwashers: Whirlpool, GE, Kenmore, and others. They all cleaned better, did not have unusual filth build-up, and not one had a breakdown. DO NOT BUY ASKO!!

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