Asko Dishwasher Review XXL Series D5264XXLS

Our Asko dishwasher review of model D5264XXLS covers all the important functions and features of this model.

The Asko XXL Series D5624XXLS with a 14 place setting capacity is a built-in semi-integrated dishwasher with a front LED display that boasts of 9 Programs, 50dBA and 7 different temperatures to choose from as well as condensation drying.  It is great when dealing with a small space and is proudly American Disabilities Act (ADA) certified.


An Answer To Every Question

With the D5624XXLS, the many programs leave you spoilt for choice and there is a program to fit every need. With nine in total, they are as follows: Daily, Heavy, Normal, Delicate, Quick, Super Quick, Eco, Rinse & Hold, Rinse & Dry

The FLEXIRACKS™ department also covers all bases with a standard upper rack with 9" clearance and a standard lower rack with 13 3/4" clearance as well as fixed glass support and an extra high side that protects tall glassware. There is also a stemware shelf that is adjustable and a cutlery basket and knife guard.

The cleaning system comprises of a special setting for your cutlery and pots and pans that may require a more thorough cleansing due to tough stains. It also has leak protection sensor and can be made to clean itself.

Then, there are the additional functions that are there just for our comfort and these little add-ons are the perks that show you the level of thought that has gone into making this dishwasher do its job according to all your specifications.

Additional functions include:

It is simple to set it up and it can work quietly. It also has a very convenient anti-jam function as well as the ability to remember the last setting it was at so you don’t have to re- programme it every time.

Next, there are the safety concerns this washer addresses such as water quality, leaks as well as steam-related problems. What makes it even more family-friendly is that it is child-proof.

Asko Dishwasher Review  D5264XXLX - A Clean Look

The Asko D5624XXLS has a touch-proof stainless exterior that gives it a clean finish and has a balanced door and check valve. Its interior is rust proof with a galvanized steel base pan. The front LED display and the hidden control panel with an LCD display is an apt example of how function meets design.

Two Cents Worth

A user who identified as Working Woman said “worst dishwasher I have ever owned! I have tried to file defects with Asko and all they have is excuses. My dishes are never clean. It is the most expensive drying rack I have ever owned. All I do is hand wash my dishes and let it dry in the dishwasher...”

It is worth noting that the same user also left the exact same review on another Asko dishwasher model which calls into question her reliability. It was the only review I could find.

Personally, I believe this would be a good dishwasher especially coming from a trusted industry expert like ASKO with more than 20 years of experience.

Asko Dishwasher Review D5264XXLS - The Final Assessment 

In addition to all the features of this product, it also comes with the exclusive ASKO warranty of 2 Plus 1 Warranty which basically means you get two years of coverage and an extra one when you register your product.  Asko D5624XXLS is a standout dishwasher that is tailored to fit your every need and does so in a socially-conscious way. It is a dishwasher that is perfect for home use as well as at small restaurants.



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