Avanti DW 18

by Swati Agrawal

One of the presents I got when I shifted to a new home was Avanti DW18 Dishwasher from my parents. It is smaller than usual dishwasher in size (its 18 inch while usually dishwashers are around 24 inch) but it suited my needs as I did not require large capacity because I live alone and needed a small dishwasher which can fir into my tiny kitchen without occupying too much space.

Also, fitting the dish washer was easy with the model designed to make the installation simpler. It has almost all the features that the usual 24 inch dishwashers do.

The quality of the performance of the dishwasher is really good and it cleans the utensils very nicely. Its filters are quite effective with most of the dirt being filtered out.

The utensils can be fitted in 8 places where almost all the utensils fit in except for some fancy ones like a tall glass. It takes some time for becoming familiar with the best method for placing dishes in the washer as loading this washer is slightly tough. The soap is automatically washed away after the washing is complete by the Rinse Aid Dispenser feature of this model.

Another advantage of this model is that it is not noisy. It has seven different wash cycles with one for cleaning utensils which are oily or badly dirty. I usually select the cycle with short time period due to my time constrains and it does the job perfectly.

I have had the washer for many months now and there have been no mechanical troubles with it nor has there been much physical damage to the exteriors.

Considering the affordability and the price of the washer, I think it is worth the money as it is a good cleaner and saves space. However, its capacity is lesser and it is tougher to load it.

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