Bosch 24-Inch Ascenta Series Dishwasher SHE4AM16UC

I love this dishwasher. The key selling point for me was the stainless steel interior tub. So many focus on the outside but having the stainless on the inside make this a dream to clean and over the years it will last much longer than a plastic interior.

Also I enjoy the option of top rack only for cleaning as I tend to take my lunch to work and the top rack always fills up faster with all the Tupperware. With this option I don't have to feel guilty to run the machine more than once a week if need be. Beware when you hit the start button, I had to lean up to the door to make sure it had actually started it is that quiet.

All in all a great machine for a fair price.

- Stainless Steel interior tub
- Silent operation

- Tends to accumulate smells because water tight seal is that good (found that if you run empty with soap every once in a while this minimizes problem),
- Utensil basket can only be put in one location in tub which can make loading larger items a pain sometimes

4.5 out of 5

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Feb 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Agree with the above comments. Won't buy Bosch again. What a piece of junk. Had my Kenmore for 12years paid way less and worked 10 times better.

Sep 09, 2011
Door latch
by: Eye Dr D

Used 8 times, then door would pop open. After this, would not shut at all. Repair cost $156, worked great 2 times, now door will not stay closed again.

Nov 10, 2010
piece of junk
by: Anonymous

what a piece of junk! the dishes come out dirtier after the cycle than when i loaded them. cycle is endlessly slow and dishes are covered in crud. also does not have self-cleaning filter so that must be taken out and cleaned...a real disappointment, i can't wait to replace it.

Jul 30, 2010
don't buy this
by: N S

Bought this dishwasher in 2009. Everytime I use the half-load or pots and pan cycle half way through the cycle the door pops open. We have to hold door closed to empty machine and then wash dishes by hand. Then it has to be unplugged to reset. Maybe then it works, if not have to wash by hand.

We thought plumber didn't install correctly so he has been back 3 times and Bosch repairman once. Today Bosch repairman notified us that "this is a known problem and a stiffener repair kit has to be installed in order for door to stay closed when tub heats up". So obviously Bosch is aware of the problem, but they continue to market and sell them without the consumers knowledge.

I am very disappointed in the product and their service after the sale. Don't buy this dishwasher - you will have problems. I won't buy another Bosch product.

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