Bosch Appex SHV99A13UC

by Edmund
(New York)

I bought this Bosch Dishwasher from Gringer and Sons Appliances in Manhattan about 12 months ago. I chose this dishwasher because:

1) I wanted a fully integrated dishwasher that would integrate with custom cabinet panels

2) I wanted a very quiet dishwasher with a large interior capacity

3) I wanted a visible indicator that the dishwasher was running. (This one shines a red light onto the floor below the dishwasher to signal that it is mid-cycle.)

Overall I've been very please with it. I love the simple user interface. In most cases, I just hit one button and close the door. It cleans dishes remarkably well. They come out perfectly dry and sparkling clean.

It is absolutely silent, I usually can't tell it is running except for the bright red spot shining on the floor. On some Miele models, the similar indicator isn't on the floor it is on the top of the door. Depending on the installation, it may not be possible to see this indicator until it is too late, after the door is opened. For this reason, I much prefer the floor spot light version

There have been a few cases when I have left too much food on the plates that the filter has become clogged and I have had to clean it out. I know there are other models that have a small food grinder built-in. I think I would look for one of those next time. I'm lazy and I would prefer to know that I could just put the dish in without any thought to rinsing it.

I'm an architect, so I frequently specify dishwashers for clients. My clients are usually looking for the very high end dishwashers with integrated panels. So I'm usually specifying Miele.

For myself, I wanted something a little less expensive. I've also had the Miele. Personally I prefer the Miele's top silverware tray, but I've had clients who say this is an annoyance. For my Bosch, I didn't like the silverware caddy, so I bought a replacement for it from a Maytag.

The Bosch caddy had little hinged lids on the silverware caddy which would be good for small objects like baby bottle tops, but I found I just didn't need this feature and it was in my way.

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