Bosch Ascenta Series SHX5AL02UC 24 inch Dishwasher - White

The SHX4AP02UC 24" Ascenta Integra Dishwasher is a perfect addition to your kitchen appliances with its much acclaimed noiseless and non-vibrate qualities. It cleans perfectly without needing so much energy or so much time.

Key features

- It is housed with a stainless tub.
- It provides 5 Wash Cycles and options.
- With 53 dBA rating, noise and vibration during operations are reduced.
- It is Energy Star qualified with only 300kWh/year energy consumption.
- Its EcoSense feature saves as well 20% of the energy usage.
- The Flow-Through water heater provides efficiency with the cleaning and drying processes.
- It is sealed and protected from overflows and leaks.
- It eliminates 99.9% of the unwanted bacteria or germs because it is NSF certified.
- With its SaniDry Condensation System, dishes are dried faster.
- It is equipped with standard racks and silverware baskets.
- It has two available timed selections – Delayed Start timer and the Quick Wash option.
- With its OptiDry function, dishes are spotlessly dried.


Purchasing the SHX4AP02UC 24" Ascenta Integra Dishwasher provides you many advantages. First it is durable. With its stainless tub, stains and rust do not pose problems. It houses as well standard racks and silverware baskets that provide safe slots for standard kitchenware. These utensils are cleaned effectively with the Flow-Through Water heater, while eliminating 99.9% of the dreadful bacteria and germs. Well-sealed and well-protected from overflowing leaks, the SHX4AP02UC 24" Ascenta Integra Dishwasher dries dishes faster with its excellent condensation system.

Although this dishwashing unit is running, noise and vibration cannot be felt. It is sure to make all your kitchenware spotless even if tarnished with the hard-to-remove grease.


Since the SHX5AL02UC 24" Ascenta DLX Dishwasher only houses standard racks and a standard silverware basket, most of the customers who purchased it are not contented with the size and layout of the unit. A lot of them find the utensil trays very small and some kitchen utensils like long knives, serving spoons, pans and pots do not fit the slots in the dishwasher init.

Another concern is the fact that the doors tend to swing. There is no specified feature in this unit that actually prevents doors from swinging. It is a dilemma that when the door opens, the spring appears to be weak.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Cleans well with the triple filtration system
- Made of stainless steel, versatile interiors that are durable
- Reduces energy consumption by 20%
- Very quiet
- Spacious streamlined look
- Spotless cleaning
- Dries dishes very fast
- Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs; upon compliance with the NSF standards
- Allows cleaning of extra tall items
- Allows cleaning of items even less than half the dishwasher’s capacity


- Shelf layout is differently designed for pots or pans; Utensil trays are too small; No place for spatulas, large serving spoons and long knives
- No feature that prevents doors from swinging
- A little expensive than the other brands

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Dec 05, 2011
Difficult to load
by: Anonymous

This dishwasher cleans dishes like no other. And there is no issue with the dishes drying without a drying cycle. The problems with this dishwasher is you cannot fit large bowls, pots and pans, or large baking dishes in it as the tines do not fold down. Even some of our cereal bowls do not fit in the dishwasher. The silverware basket slots are way too small. The claims are that it is so energy efficient yet doesn't shut itself off. And it continually beeps until you do shut it off. If you turn this feature off then you don't know when the cycle is complete so you can turn the dishwasher off! I absolutely hate this dishwasher and would never purchase it again. I will probably be stuck with it for the next ten years or so until it completely bites the dust.

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