Bosch Dishwasher Model SHE53TL6UC

by Jayne
(Central New Jersey)

This dishwasher is a nightmare! It takes 2 hours and 35 minutes to cycle. It does not clean the dishes, and does not dry them -- even when using all the recommended chemicals (concerning me as to what possibly remains on the dishes). There is water left on the door and on bottom of the dishwasher when the cycle is complete.

It will not dry any plastics; i.e. cups, Tupperware or Ziploc containers. When I called the company, its representative told me that it is new technology and dries with "steam" and it will not dry plastics. There is no value to a dishwasher that doesn't dry dishes or plastics or gets your dishes clean. And another drawback to this model is its excessively long cycle especially when you have several loads to wash.

The repairman could not find anything wrong with the dishwasher. Do your research regarding Bosch's complaints and especially their customer service.

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Aug 25, 2014
Not Recommended
by: Anonymous

Wouldn't recommend this to anyone. They have a new technology that uses condensation drying. After washing is completed, there are huge amount of water residue at the bottom of the unit, on the doors, droplets of water on the racks and even some dishes. It doesn't dry plastics at all.

I called the service support, the lady said to put it on sanitation cycle. What is the point of having several cycle types if sanitation cycle is claimed to dry better. She also said I have to tilt my cups an pans at an angle so the water can drip out after drying.

they also said if I didn't like this condensation method I should of went with the traditional heating element. On top of it, in order to dry properly, you have to buy another liquid "jet dry", it suppose to help improve drying, to me its another cost I have to purchase weekly.

Also, they have a filter that has to be cleaned out on a routine which is another hassle to deal with. Complete cycle time is 2.5 hours long for the automatic cycle, 2.50 hours long for the sanitation cycle. In Addition, the lady said after cycle is complete, I'm suppose to let it continue to dry for couple to several 1 or 2 loads of dishes a day only?

The only think I like about is the quietness of the unit. I hate it so much I'm returning it with a 15% restocking fee after only having it for a day.

Aug 25, 2014
not impress!
by: Anonymous

I just purchase the same dishwasher couple days ago. Im not impress. I would have to agree that it takes 2.5 hours to cycle. It doesnt dry plastic well infact there is still huge amount of drops of water residue on plates, silverware and inside the door is dripping wet.

They say its because if the new condensation dry technology. It also require jet dry liquid you have to put in to help dry. Im not going to keep purchasing extra liquid to help it dry...defeats purpose of dishwasher.

Im going to return it. Only thing I like is the quietness if the cycle.

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