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SHE43RF5UC Bosch dishwashers.  Reviews by the team summarize the key features and feedback of this built-in dishwasher.

Customer Opinions - Advantages and Disadvantages

*** Unfortunately, this model is discontinued , and availability may limited ***

This Bosch dishwasher, SHE43RF5UC, is a large capacity built-in model, which can accommodate up to 14 place settings in a stainless steel tall-tub. With 4 cycles, attractive design, “EcoSense Energy Star” water technology, and the prestigious Bosch name, this model has many features a savvy consumer would want. 

You know when a dishwasher is really quiet…when you need a floor light display to indicate it’s even on! Consumers are paying top dollar for this Bosch model, for the name, performance, and durability.

Overall, this product earns top ratings for being both energy efficient and effective as a high-capacity dishwasher.

While you might still find the occasional complaint that pre-rinsing or hand-drying is necessary, Bosch seems to have decreased the occurrence of these issues in this model as opposed to the less expensive ones.

The most frequently reported gripe is that the prongs are still placed awkwardly close together, making loading of some items difficult.

Bosch did no doubt want to make room for more dishes by placing the prongs so closely together, but they may have actually made it harder to load non-plate items (pots, pans, etc.).

What does this mean for you?

The good news with the Bosch SHE43RF5UC is that if you are willing to pay upwards of $800 for a stainless steel built-in dishwasher (and you can still find this discontinued model), the pros of this one actually seem to outweigh the cons.  

Bosch SHE43RF5UC Pros –

  • Virtually silent running 
  • Attractive looks 
  • Fairly easy to operate
  • Hold up to 14 place settings 
  • Energy Star Rated

Bosch SHE43RF5UC Cons –

  • Includes only the discharge hose (you need to buy the supply line and an elbow to connect hot water) 
  • Might not clean dishes thoroughly without pre-wash 
  • Might not dry dishes thoroughly 100% of the time 
  • Awkward to load due to close placement of prongs
  • Moderately expensive 
  • Discontinued Bosch model

Features, as promoted by Bosch:

  • AquaStop
  • Leak Protection InfoLight
  • Beams on the Floor to Indicate Dishwasher is Running 
  • 48 dBA sound rating – Virtually silent 
  • EcoSense Energy Star (exceeds Energy Star requirements for water by 69%)

Bosch Dishwashers Reviews SHE43RF5UC Key Features:

  • Built-in dimensions: 33 7/8" High X 23 9/16" Wide X 22 9/16" Deep 
  • Sanitize option 
  • Tall stainless steel tub 
  • Heated drying 
  • Large tub capacity: 14 place settings 
  • Removable silverware tray 
  • Half load and Express Wash settings 
  • 4 wash settings

Bosch Dishwashers Reviews SHE43RF5UC Price Point:

  • $700-850

Further Reading related to Bosch SHE43RF5UC

·         Even though this model is discontinued, it is still available on Amazon,, as well as a few other sites.

·         Not available on or (though you can still read about it on the Lowes site).

·         Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find a Product Manual online for this model. You can buy a manual (for example, on, but hopefully, if you can find the dishwasher to purchase online, it will come with a free manual!

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