Bosch Evolution 500 series

by Brenna

I have had a Bosch Evolution Dishwasher for two months now. Its far superior to any dishwasher I have previously owned. The stainless steel tub is wonderful! No more red tomato stains on the insides of plastic dishwashers! No more stains of any kind! No more old plastic smell either. There is just something clean about stainless steel. The rack heights are adjustable which is a great feature when you need to wash larger items on the top rack. The silverware tray is removable which is also nice because sometimes you just have a load of pans or plates and need the extra space. The digital timer counts down the minutes until the dishes are done and there is even a light to let you know everything is sanitized.

There are several wash functions, depending on how dirty your dishes are. I really like the rinse aid indicator light. It takes the guess work out of when to fill the rinse aid compartment.

I have had problems in the past with the grinders becoming clogged but so far no issues with the Bosch. This machine is quiet but not silent which is not a big issue in my household. Over all I am really happy with the Evolution and would recommend it to others.

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Jun 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

It is junk. No heater for drying, forces use of jet dry (chemicals) to get things to dry. Drippy mess inside when you open door. You must hand dry anything plastic. Ridiculous cycling of motors while running to make it seem like it's doing things.

I replaced an older Bosch that I loved with this and it is JUNK. Built to a marketing specification at low cost, not as a nice dishwasher.

Yea, it has stainless inside but that is only nice thing about this. Bosh turned from prime to crap.

Jan 04, 2009
Made my life easier
by: England, UK

I purchased the Bosch Evolution 500 Stainless Steel Dishwasher from an online retailer a few months ago and I am very pleased with it.

It has made my life and the life of my family a lot easier since our last dishwasher broke last season. The dishwasher does it what says on the package and dishes do not need pre rinsing, they just come out sparkling, clean and shiny. I often cook burgers and other foods like that so I usually have to pre soak my pans before hand, however with this dishwasher, it is no longer the case! This dishwasher is really good and not very loud either (but noise doesn’t matter to me much).

The inside is made of stainless steel and hard nylon makes the racks so you won’t get any rust in here. Larger pots can be held because this machine has a large volume inside, with good amount of height. However, the bottom rack is much closer to the floor than with my old dishwasher, you get use to bending over a bit when loading/unloading.
The dishwasher should not leak since it has a sensor and half load feature. Also the sanitising feature is a nice addition. My old dishwasher that broken down didn’t smell too good, and clean pans came out smelling not so fresh, but it is not a problem with this dishwasher.

The price is a little high but you get what you pay for. I believe it’s better to pay a little extra for a good one rather than buying a 2nd cheaper model. My water bill has gone down a little too so I get more cleaning for less water and gas. I recommend this to you based on my experience.

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