Bosch Evolution 800 SHE68P02UC White Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

The Bosch SHE68P02UC model comes with various features that makes it an ideal dishwasher for families. The model comes in a stainless steel TallTub that blends perfectly with contemporary home decor.

Key features

- It comes with 6 wash cycles and three options.
- It is very silent during operation with a 44 dBA, pumps to minimize the vibration and surrounding base that keeps noise inside.
- The machine is labelled with an Energy Star, maintaining electricity used at its most efficient level, reducing energy use up to 20 percent.
- It's capable of efficiently taking in small loads with its half load option.
- Filtration capabilty is up to four times better than other dishwashers.
- Unit also comes with a flow through water heater.
- Unit is NSF certified and gently sanitizes load for a more through clean each time.
- Concealed Heating Element allows for a plastic-safe dishwasher that refrains from melting your kitchenwares.
- It comes with AquaStop Leak Protection and saniDry Hygienic Condensation Drying for faster drying time.
- It comes with RackMatic Automatically Adjustable Upper Rack.
- It allows for a 14 place setting capacity and an extra tall item sprinkler that can accomodate items up to 22 inches tall.
- The unit comes equipped with 800 Series Racks with Flexible Silverware Basket.
- Offers Quick wash for added convenience.
- It features a 19 hour Delay Star Timer to automatically start operation each time.
- It comes equipped with an End of Cycle Sound to alert user when cleaning is over.
- LED screen allows for multiple functions.
- Features Variably Spray Pressure allows you to alter the intensity of cleaning.
- Comes with OptiDry for a more through drying without the messy spots.


With it's affordable price and great cleaning features, the Bosch Bosch SHE68P02UC model makes for a great dishwasher for the family. Some of its most notable qualities include the ultra quiet feature which significantly reduces the amount of noise made during operation. Energy Star cerrtified, the unit is capable of running in less than 20 percent energy compared to other dishwashers.

With six wash cycles, each load may be worked out according to user specifications. Also, the half load options allows for small amounts of load to be washed without wasting any resources. Racks are adjustable and capable of housing kithenware up to 22 inches in height. A 19 hour delay is possible plus an End of Cycle signal to alert users after operation. LED screen for a more efficient use and a sanitizing system allowing for a more thorough wash each time. Drying is also specifically designed not to produce water spots. All these are packed in a stainless steel design and a quick wash system to fit the modern lifestyle.


As a result of the added features, this Bosch unit comes with a pricier tag than other models. The stainless steel design is uniform and thus only comes in that specific color and style. The interior equipment of the model are dysfunctional according to some consumers, with the bottom rack frequently showing problems and is hard to manipulate.

The fold down tines are also constantly getting unsnapped from the basket and are very hard to reattach. Also, the model has no garbage disposal, making it necessary to pre-rinse the dishes or clean the food trap more often than usual.

Consumer likes and dislikes

- Various wash cycle options
- Very quiet
- Great design
- Large capacity
- Half load capacity
- Sanitizes kitchenware
- Energy efficient
- Plastic friendly
- Delay timer
- LED screen
- Quick wash
- Fast drying time

- Expensive
- Hard to manipulate bottom rack
- Fold down tines are constantly being unsnapped
- Comes in just one style
- No garbage disposal

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