Bosch Integra 500 Series 24 inch SHX45P02UC Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The SHX45P02UC 24" Integra 500 Series Dishwasher is generally highly rated by a numerous customers online. It is popular not only because of its noise-free feature but of its efficient cleaning processes. This dishwasher earned a lot of credits mostly in cleaning and ensuring that water is clean through its sanitation system.

Key features

- This dishwasher is made of stainless steel that exhibits durability.
- Its Tall Tub size is 20% larger than the standard dishwashers.
- With a 47dBA noise rate, it is considered as one of the quietest models of dishwashers.
- This model is Enery Star qualified with 259 kWh/yr consumption. With its EcoSense, it saves up to 20% energy.
- Small loads are supported by the Half Load Option.
- Flow-through water heater feature helps ensure that the water used is clean and safe.
- It has an Aqua-Leak feature that ensures 99.9% germ-free protection.
- It as well saves water consumption 33% better than other models.
- Extra tall objects are cleaned with its 22-inch sprinkler cleanser.
- It has a delay timer and a quick timer.
- Its OptiDry feature guarantees spotless drying.
- The controls are easy to manage. It has digital, touchpad controls that are hidden in the front for a seamless look.
- The silverware basket is flexible. It can be moved, divided or covered.


The SHX45P02UC Integra Dishwasher Series are preferred because of its overall good performance. It earned high ratings in cleaning, drying, noise, loading, capacity efficiency and style.

SHX45P02UC excellently washes dishes with its Flow-Through water heater. 4 wash cycles and options are available as well, for the user to choose according to his or her lifestyle. It is equipped with a sensor that detects water cleanliness and an automatic wash cycle that ensures effective rinsing.


There are a limited number of ratings available online for SHX45P02UC models due to the expensiveness of the product. However, in those limited ratings, most of the customers who used the product only complained about the racks, saying that it does not support small items and cutlery.

It is also much expensive compared to the other dishwashers available in the market today and it does dry well except for instances when jet drying is used.


- Very good overall performance
- Earns high ratings in cleaning, drying, noise, loading, capacity efficiency and style
- Tall items can be cleaned
- Saves energy consumption
- Allows filtering of water
- Protected from leaks
- Hygienic drying and cleaning processes
- Results in spotless drying
- 99.9% NSF certified in removing bacteria and germs
- Has an automatic was cycle
- Has 20% bigger room than others in its Tub Size


- Does not completely dry items
- Does not have a built-in food disposer
- Does not use additional spray jets in scrubbing and scouring heavily soiled dishes
- Does not use any sensor to maintain temperature change from 135 degrees to 145 degrees
- Does not have other utility for cutlery and small items

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