Bosch Model # SHE66C05UC

by Dennis Hoffman
(Winchester, VA)

I bought my Bosch dishwasher from Sears about 6 months ago. It was on clearance. It is a stainless steel model that is attractive and matches our other appliances, and since it was on clearance, the price was right (about $600 down from $1000). The one critical feature that I wanted, and the Bosch has it, is a flexible delay timer. This means that I can start it after I have gone to bed, at a specific time while asleep. I have found that this dishwasher is so quiet that it is barely audible from a few feet away, and wouldn't keep me up anyway.

I would rate the cleaning ability of this machine as excellent. I have tested it with dishes that I thought would need to be "pre-washed" and has managed to clean them anyway. It has a small detergent hopper so it seems to use less detergent than the other brands I've owned.

My previous dishwasher was a Kitchenaid, and it was a lemon. It was very loud when operating and the dishracks would not slide out easily. It finally broke down, and with a $450 estimate to fix it, I decided it was time to try a different brand. With that said, it may just have been that specific washer and not indicative of the brand. I know others who have owned Kitchenaid dishwashers and have been very satisfied.

My one slight criticism of the Bosch would be that the dishracks are laid out differently than on most traditional dishwashers and they do not seem to accommodate dishes and glasses as well as other brands, yet the upright "pins" can be folded down, so there is adequate flexibility in loading whatever you wish.

Overall I would rate my Bosch Dishwasher a 9.7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

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