Bosch Series 24 in built in

by Charlene
(elkhart, in, USA)

A friend of mine has a Bosch series dishwasher (24 in. built in model) in her kitchen. Her kitchen is some what small due to the enlarged island in the center. This is where we have coffee on Sunday mornings and we usually watch the tv.

Even with a full load in the dishwasher, we never have to increase the volume on the tv or talk loudly. It is the quietest machine I have ever seen. Most dishwashers cause some noise when running at full cycles. This machine is so quiet that you literally have to put your head up against the door to hear the water running. It was a moderately expensive unit, but is 5 years old now, and still runs like a brand new install. She bought the model at Sears for around $475.

It is ran at least once a day throughout the week and twice a day on the weekends. Her house is always bustling between the kids and all us friends dropping in. It is relatively fast as well. Some dishwashers I have seen can take an hour or more to fully wash the load. The Bosch does a full load in about 30 minutes and all the dishes are sparkling clean. I was very impressed with this machine and am considering on buying one myself for my own home.

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Aug 12, 2009
User friendly
by: Anonymous

-Gets dishes really clean
-great design goes with any house

-racks arent designed good
-hard to clean

Overall, this is a good dishwasher. It's the best that Ive ever had and Ive had several. It has a modeern look which first attracted me to it. And the best thing about it is that it is SOO quiet, you can barely tell its on and that great.

It's easy and simple to start and learn how to work. Statches really don't show up on it which is ano9ther good thing. I also like that you can disable the finish alarm on the machine.

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