Bosch SGE63E05UC 24 inch Evolution Series Full Console Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

For users looking for a premium dishwasher but cannot spare the countertop space, this is the dishwasher for them. The Bosch SGE63E05UC is among the most efficient dishwasher models, with its energy-saving and convenience features.

Key features

- The Bosch SGE63E05UC comes with a stainless steel Euro tub that makes it durable and allows it to withstand several years of washing.
- You can choose among the six cycles and five options to customize the wash for every load of dishes.
- Enjoy virtual quiet operation at 49 dBA, which is lower compared to the noise levels you find in other dishwashers.
- Enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose where you want to put your unit with its adjustable legs.
- The Half Load Option is best for small loads. You can easily wash smaller and lighter loads while saving power and water with this option.
- The energy-saving features of this dishwasher model include the EcoAction option and EcoSense technology, which reduces energy usage by up to 20%.
- You get clean and spotless dishes with the triple filtration system, which cleans up the water and makes sure that no food particles are mixed with it.
- Keep dishes free from food stains, germs, and bacteria with the Sanitize Option, which removes bacteria from plates, silverware, and glasses.
- Another convenience feature is the multi-functioning LED with the remaining time display. This way, you no longer have to do any guesswork about when you want to unload the dishes.
- The 14-place setting capacity allows users to wash larger loads at one time. However, you can also wash smaller loads as desired and save on power and water using the appropriate setting.
- You can use the delay start timer when washing dishes on the go. Most users program the washer to start just in time for them to come home to clean and spotless dishes.
- You can set the variable water spray pressure depending on how heavy the load is.
- The concealed heating element keeps the plastic dishes safe from melting.


At 234 kWh/yr, the SGE63E05UC dishwasher ranked 37th out of the 547 washers sold in the US for its energy efficiency, based on the November 2009 list of Energy Star. It also has one of the lowest water consumptions among tested dishwashers in the market. However, despite its limited use of power and water, it does a very good job at cleaning dishes. They come out always shiny and free of residue.

The SGE63E05UC also allows you to save on detergent use. The unit contains features that are not typical in the US market such as the water softener, debris filter, half load option, and the auto wash option.


One of the few disadvantages of this unit is the limited options for color and design. The unit also does not come with a main door lock. Small children can easily open the washer door even if it still running.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- quiet
- energy-efficient
- easily fits under countertop
- has adjustable legs that allow it to fit any space
- reduced water usage
- ADA-compliant


- limited color and design option
- no door lock

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