Bosch SGE63E06UC 24 inch Evolution Series Full Console Dishwasher - Black

With 6 wash cycles, 14-place setting capacity, and a Water Softener feature not found in other dishwashers, the SGE63E06UC 24" Evolution Special Application dishwasher from Bosch is a cut above the rest. It also gives you a quiet dishwashing operation no matter what time of day. Its stainless steel Euro tub design makes this dishwasher an attractive component in your kitchen.

Key features

- The Euro tub crafted from stainless steel gives this dishwasher a modern and attractive look.
- The 6 wash cycles and 3 options allow you to choose the right cleaning combination for your dishwashing needs.
- The quiet controls give you a noiseless dishwashing operation every time.
- The solid base construction prevents leaks and minimizes sound and vibration.
- The EcoAction option allows you energy savings by as much as 25%.
- The EcoSense option gives you energy savings by as much as 20%.
- For smaller loads, the Half Load Option works best.
- The triple filtration system makes sure that food debris and other elements are filtered out completely.
- The Sanitize Option gets rid of bacteria and improves drying results.
- The multi-function LED indicates the remaining time.
- ADA-compliant, it has an appropriate size for lower counters.
- The Vario Racks allows you to load the dishwasher flexibly.
- The SaniDry option results in hygienic drying.


The Bosch SGE63E06UC is ideal for lower counters, with its suitable size and ADA compliance. It has a stainless steel Euro tub that is both durable and spacious. This dishwasher is also highly energy-efficient, giving you two energy saving options, such as the EcoAction and EcoSense energy saving options, which can help you minimize energy consumption by up to 25% and 20% respectively.

Another economical feature is the Half Load Option, which is more ideal for smaller loads. The flow-through water heater and triple filtration system make sure that your plates and other kitchen essentials come out clean and completely dry.

Dishwashing performance is optimized with its OptiDry, Variable Spray Pressure, and Water Softener features, making sure that perfect cleaning is achieved every time. This dishwasher is also easy to use, with convenience features such as multi-function LED, 24-hour delay start Timer, and excellent size for lower counters.

SGE63E06UC is also very quiet. With its two-pump feature that eliminates needless noise and vibration, you know you have a quietly functioning dishwasher that definitely works overtime.


Some consumers have reported a few disadvantages associated with this dishwasher. One is that closing the door during each dishwashing operation can be a challenge. Also, there have been some problems with the control panel, since it indicates the cycle is still on even when it has already been finished.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- delivers efficient performance
- energy-saving
- economical
- has water softener feature
- easy to use and convenient
- convenient size for lower counters


- door does not close properly during dishwashing operation
- control panel indicates ON even when dishwashing cycle is finished

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