Bosch SGS45C02GB Classixx Dishwasher

We bought our dishwasher for the CO OP online. We got it about 2 years ago and we love it. I can't believe what a difference to our lives it has made.

It is fantastic as it has enough room for a 12 set dinner service. You can move the wire baskets so you can fit all the pots and pans in too. It is fantastic especially as it uses any type of detergent and has a quick unsoiled items wash which only takes 33 minutes. It seems to wash everything really well and so we tend to always run it on this thinking it uses less energy and water.

It is also pretty good for the environment as it is energy efficient with a AAA rating. I think we use less hot water with the dishwasher then when we were washing up three or four times a day therefore I can't believe it when people think dishwashers aren't good for the environment.

I LOVE our dishwasher, its quick, efficient and does a really good job and plus no more rows about who's turn. The wire basket for the cutlery also lifts out completely making it easier to empty. Fantastic!

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Nov 14, 2011
Bosch Classixx slimline dishwasher
by: Alex

After three years, became very noise from the base. It sounded like metal grinding and then it stopped completely. Spoke to Sue Barnard at Bosch UK who disagreed that their appliances should last 10 years. The warranrty had expired and they recommend speaking to an insurance company as they did nt want to know any more.
Dishwasher now not working at all!
Hopeless product !
Hopeless service !
Highly recommended to avoid!

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