by EMC050

Detergents used are Finish Quantum tabs, Finish boosting powder and Jet Dry rinse agent. We ALWAYS use the Power Scrub cycle.

Noise - Fairly quiet. We have an open layout and even from the next room, you still only the cycle changes. The washing noises seem to be ignored easily. This is all the Bosch name will grant you.

It WOULD be energy efficient IF it cleaned efficiently, but since it doesn't, do not count the energy efficiency.

Drying Cycle - It does have one but for this model, it's only in the Power Scrub cycle. The others don't employ the drying cycle which is annoying. It's also incredibly inefficient. Even when unloading the dishes several hours later, there is often lots of moisture on the door and in the bottom of the dishwasher. There are often spots on the dishes. There are also rusty spots on some knives and kitchen scissors. I've never encountered that.

Configuration - Terrible and not adjustable. There isn't enough space for plates to be put in next to each other. Plates either cannot be dinner sized or they must be placed in every other space. The pegs also change sizes from left to right in both racks so the problem is you might have an item that fits on one side of the rack but then the pegs change spacing and the item doesn't fit as well in the other.

The dishes on the top rack don't get the same amount of cleaning even if the bottom rack is half full. Another example, if someone drinks a glass of milk or a mug of coffee with cream or a mug of hot chocolate and it is not rinsed, you must either wash it again or wash the vessel in the bottom rack. First wash in the top rack will not do it.

Cleaning - This is the worst. Even after pre-rinsing dishes there is bound to be food that still sticks. Example, a cereal bowl that had residue of butter, parmesan residue and chili pepper flakes was washed and when removed, the bowl was still dirty (as if it hadn't been washed at all) AND there were chili pepper flakes stuck to a couple of the plates. If there are washers that can clean a dirty lasagna pan well without significant prewashing then this is entirely unacceptable. This was one example of many. It isn't uncommon for us to rewash 20% of our dishes each week. There are often still tiny food particles even after rinsing and drying both on dry dishes or wells of water in others.

Bottom Line: I didn't even buy this dishwasher. It came with the house that we purchased a few months ago. We have a Kenmore dishwasher that is a portable. We used it in our apartment that did not have a built-in. When we moved in I was happy to not have to deal with the portable but now we've brought it up to the kitchen and use it instead of the Bosch. Don't buy it unless you like to hand wash all dishes first.

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