Bosch SHE55C05UC Evolution DLX 500 Series 24 inch Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

Built as a tall tub, the SHE55C05UC 24" Evolution DLX 500 Series dishwasher is known for its offered convenience, safety, and high performance. Aside from its impressive stainless steel frame that ensures durability, it also works quietly in the background, which is at a low of 48 dBA. Vibration is also at a minimum in this Energy Star-certified appliance.

Key features

- The SHE55C05UC 24" Evolution DLX 500 Series dishwasher has a stainless steel frame and interior.
- The dishwasher model operates at a low sound of 48 dBA.
- It has two pumps that minimize noise and vibration.
- The machine is Energy Star-certified/qualified.
- Its EcoSense feature reduces energy use by up to 20%.
- The dishwasher provides a Half Load Option for not-so-busy days.
- It makes use of a triple filtration system.
- It has a flow-through water heater.
- The wash does not only clean the surface but also kills bacteria.
- The concealed heating element makes sure that plastics won't melt.
- The Quick Wash feature enables a wash to finish by 30 minutes or less.
- The trademark RackMatic rack is adjustable.
- The OptiDry feature enables spotless drying.
- The dishwasher has a 24 hour Star Delay timer.
- The SaniDry feature ensures that dishes are dried in a completely hygienic environment.
- The machine has a sophisticated LED control panel.
- The display shows the time left for the wash.
- The dishwasher offers 5 wash cycles and 2 options.
- It has a 14 place setting capacity.


The SHE55C05UC dishwasher from Bosch offers quite a number of sophisticated and convenient features. The dishwasher model ensures proper sanitation while finishing the dishes in no time. The product design also ensures that there is space for several dishes to be washed at one time.

Combined with the Quick Wash feature, this translates to a very fast dishwasher. The physical design is as modern as its features and functions. The dishwasher offers 5 wash cycles and 14 place setting, which makes washing dishes highly customized and more convenient. The adjustable rack makes it easier to wash pieces with different shapes and sizes.


The main problem with this particular Bosch dishwasher model is that its price range is pretty steep. The price averages at around a thousand dollars, almost double the price of most built-in dishwashers from competitors. Though the features are quite impressive, the price may be a big deterrent. The model does not have a child lock, so the model may not be recommended to households with young children.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- saves energy
- saves time through quick wash feature
- boasts of sophisticated design
- has LED control panel screen
- has several wash cycle options
- washing becomes highly customized experience
- hygienic wash and effective drying system
- rust-free, sleek frame and interior
- adjustable rack
- accommodates several pieces for dishwashing
- highly programmable
- half-load option offered for further energy savings


- quite expensive
- does not have a child-lock system for overall safety

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