Bosch SHE55M15UC 24 inch Evolution 500 Series Full Console Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The Bosch SHE55M15UC is an undercounter dishwasher that comes with a bevy of features, all conveniently crammed into a space- saving undercounter frame. It comes with a number of features that makes installation easy, while saving on power and water usage.

Key features

- The stainless steel tub is what keeps this dishwasher chugging even after several years of use. The tub is tough and durable.
- Enjoy quiet operation at 47 dBA. The unit is made even quieter with the solid base, which also prevents leaks. The sound is lowered even more with the use of the two-pump sytem, which reduces noise and vibration.
- Use the half load option if you have a very light load and you want to save on power and water.
- Dishes and silverware come out spotless with the triple filtration system that prevents food leftovers from mixing with the dishwashing water.
- The child lock prevents unwanted cycle changes, perfect for families with small and curious children.
- You get bacteria-free dishes every time with the NSF-certified washing system. This effectively removes 99.9% of bacteria.
- The concealed heating element is perfect for washing plastic dishes, milk bottles, and other plastic tableware.
- The 14-place setting capacity is perfect for large families and makes washing dishes after holiday meals easier to do.
- The unit also comes with the RackMatic automatically adjustable upper racks. It also comes with a multi-functioning LED that comes with an indicator for the remaining time. This feature makes setting the controls very convenient.
- You can use the Quick Wash system for washing smaller loads. It cleans loads in 30 minutes or less, perfect for dishwashing on a busy day.
- You can also use the 19-hour delay start timer to set the dishwasher to wash just in time for getting clean and spotless dishes when you arrive home.
- The dishwasher also comes with the SaniDry Hygienic Condensation Drying feature that removes bacteria while drying.
- Save a lot on power and water with its energy-saving options. These include the EcoAction and the EcoSense technologies, which reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.


For its size and features, the SHE55M15UC dishwasher is very convenient and washes loads efficiently. It uses a smaller amount of water and power and also requires small amounts of detergent as well. The Sanitize Option is perfect for washing milk bottles. The adjustable feet are another great feature that allows you to fit the unit under any type and height of countertop.


The SHE55M15UC dishwasher does not have interior lights nor does it have the load sensor present in other Bosch models. It also does not have the variable spray pressure option, which allows users to choose the right spray pressure for the load and saving energy when low pressure is used for lighter dishes.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- washes loads efficiently
- has a child lock
- savings on energy and water consumption
- quick wash option is very handy for busy users
- minimal water use also means that there is little detergent consumption without compromising the cleanliness of the dishes
- adjustable feet make it easy to fit the unit under countertops.


- no interior lights
- no mezzanine rack
- not ADA-compliant
- no load sensor, interior lights, variable spray pressure

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