Bosch SHE55M16UC 24 inch Evolution 500 Series Full Console Dishwasher - Black

With performance and energy efficiency features that give you the best value for your money, the SHE55M16UC 24" Evolution 500 Series dishwasher from Bosch is an excellent buy for any smart shopper.

Able to accommodate a huge capacity and with convenience features that match your dishwashing requirements, what you have is a dishwasher that delivers practical and efficient results each time.

Key features

- The 5 wash cycles and 3 options allow you to choose the right dishwashing cycles for different needs.
- The stainless steel tall tub assures you of outstanding durability.
- It ensures silent operation with its two-pump noise and vibration control feature and solid base construction.
- It has the EcoAction option for better energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption by 25%.
- The flow-through water heater makes sure that water is heated completely.
- The Half Load Option allows you to use up less time when doing smaller loads.
- The AquaStop Leak Protection makes sure that your dishwasher is not prone to leaks.
- NSF-certified, you can be sure that 99.9% of bacteria is eliminated from your plates, glasses, and silverware.
- The triple filtration system makes sure that impurities and food debris are filtered accordingly.
- The child lock feature makes sure that unwanted cycle changes are prevented.
- The multi-function LED, which indicates remaining time, allow you to check how much time is left for each cycle.
- The Quick Wash feature gives you the option to finish the dishwashing operation in 30 minutes or less.


The Bosch SHE55M16UC makes sure that you get everything that you require from a hardworking dishwasher. First off, you get excellent performance with its 5 wash cycles, OptiDry feature for faster drying, and SaniDry option for hygenic drying. Second, this dishwasher is designed to look good in any kitchen, with its attractive stainless steel tall tub design and multifunction LED with remaining time display.

If you don't want to have a dishwasher that releases an annoying motor rattle when being used, this dishwasher will impress you with its quietness. It operates silently and it has two pumps, which help reduce unwanted noise and vibration. It also helps that this dishwasher has a solid base, so that it is better able to control sound and manage potential leaks.


One disadvantage to SHE55M16UC is that it only has 5 wash cycles. Some dishwashers from Bosch are equipped with 6 wash cycles and 3 options. Another disadvantage to the Bosch SHE55M16UC is that it has a long dishwashing cycle, which is not ideal if you are trying to save time.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- energy savings of up to 20% to 25%
- eco-friendly
- 5 wash cycles, which are easy to use
- option for smaller loads
- sanitizes items while washing and drying
- has leak protection
- NSF-certified
- huge capacity


- has only 5 wash cycles while other Bosch dishwashers have 6 wash cycles
- long cycle

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