Bosch SHE55P05UC 24 inch Evolution 500 Series Full Console Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The Bosch SHE55P05UC is a stylish, silver-exterior dishwasher that is built for regular dishwashing using the latest in energy- saving technology. This model is known for its power- saving features as well as for its quiet operation. It is easy to store and its size is perfect for a large family, with its capacity of 14-place setting per load.

Key features

- The SHE55P05UC boasts of a stainless steel tub that does more than just give added durability to the unit. Coupled with a metal base, the tub does not make a lot of noise, ensuring quiet operation. The unit is also loaded with the two-pump system, which works to minimize noise and vibration.
- The unit runs quietly at just 47 dBA, which is considerably less than the noise level in other units.
- The unit comes loaded with a number of energy-saving features including the EcoSense technology, which lowers energy and water consumption.
- The unit also comes with the Half Load Option. The Half Load Option is perfect for smaller and lighter dishes. It also finishes up quickly, perfect for those who are on the go and do not have too much time to wash the dishes.
- Users can expect loads of dishes that are not just spotless but also germ-free. The Sanitize Option is perfect for eliminating bacteria and enhancing drying results.
- The concealed heating element is another essential feature that makes it perfect for those with small children in the house. Colorful plastic kiddie plates and plastic drinking cups are also safe from melting with this feature.
- Users can choose among 5 wash cycles and 3 options for maximum and efficient use of power and water.
- The unit comes with the RackMatic automatically adjustable upper racks, which allow for easy organization of the dishes.
- The extra tall item sprinkler is perfect for cleaning plates, glasses, and tumblers that are up to 22" tall.
- The multi-functioning LED with the remaining time display is perfect for convenient setting of controls.
- The triple filtration system ensures that you get sparkling dishes with every load. The filters prevent the food particles from mixing with the washing water.
- The child lock feature keeps the controls safe from undue changes, which often happens when you have children in the house.


One of the main advantages of this unit is the child lock system, which prevents kids from tampering with the controls. The SHE55P05UC dishwasher also has adjustable feet, which allow you to adjust the unit's height according to the height of the space that you have.

This dishwasher ensures quiet operation, powerful cleaning performance, and great features and options for the type of load you have. It is fairly easy to use and can wash more loads at once.


The unit is not panel-ready and it also does not come with interior lights or a water softener. The SHE55P05UC dishwasher also lacks glass protection. The water softener is often not included in most American models, since most consumers look for this feature, especially those living in areas where the water is hard.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- cleans efficiently and quickly
- has a child lock
- stylish exterior
- multiple options
- easy to use
- works quietly
- has large capacity


- not panel-ready
- no interior lights
- no glass protection
- no water softener

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