Bosch SHE5AL02UC Ascenta Series 24 inch Dishwasher - White

The Bosch SHE5AL02UC 24" Ascenta DLX Dishwasher is a great piece of machinery that has gotten some rave reviews from all around the Internet. Some of the major reasons for this dishwasher's success include its eco-friendly features, its quiet operation levels, and the fact that it's a great mid-range washer with most of the features that you need.

Although this washer isn't as feature rich as the SHE6AL02UC version, it still packs quite a lot of value for its price. This review will cover some of the key features, advantages, disadvantages and consumer likes and dislikes about the product.

Key features

- Operating at an efficiency of 300 kwh per year, one of the best features of this machine is that it is ENERGY STAR qualified. By using less energy, this dishwasher helps to conserve natural resources and it will help you save on your electricity bills.
- The SHE5AL02UC also comes with a number of other features to improve its efficiency. The EcoSense feature, for example, uses sensors to monitor wash cycle conditions and adjust them appropriately to reduce consumption by up to 20%. Another efficiency enhancing feature is the Half Load Option, which is ideal for small loads because it uses less water and energy. The triple filtration system and Flow-Through Water Heater also help to improve efficiency ratings on the SHE5AL02UC.
- The SHE5AL02UC is also designed to operate at quiet levels. By using a two-pump design, the dishwasher minimizes noise and vibration caused during operation, achieving sound levels of as low as 53 dBA.
- The washer has a good selection of cycles and options. With a total of 5 wash cycles and 2 options, you can set up the perfect wash cycle for any dishwashing job.
- Some of the other features on the Bosch SHE5AL02UC Ascenta DLX dishwasher include an OptiDry feature, SaniDry feature, 3-6-9 hour delay timer, child lock, and overflow leak protection.


The main advantage of the Bosch SHE5AL02UC Ascenta DLX dishwasher is that it can handle pretty much any dishwashing job you throw at it. With its variety of cycles, options, and features, this machine will do your dishes just the way you want.

Also, the energy efficiency of the SHE5AL02UC will help you save big bucks on your electric bills. Finally, perhaps the biggest advantage of this machine is that it works just as it's supposed to: effectively, efficiently, and quietly.


The worst aspect of the SHE5AL02UC is probably the poor placing of the cutlery and silverware basket. It is placed at the back of the machine, which makes it hard to reach, especially for those times when you just need to grab a spoon or fork on the go. Another disadvantage of this machine is the lack of a display.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Effective washes
- Efficient use of energy
- Works as it should
- Reputable brand
- Well-rounded machine


- Lack of display
- Poor placing of the silverware basket
- Some consumers may find it expensive
- Not as many functions as some higher models

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Feb 02, 2011
Dish placement
by: Anonymous

I don't think they hold any less then other companies. My dishwasher holds a full 14 place setting just like any other dishwasher. The owners manual shows how to load the dishwasher. It actually quite nice after you get use to it. Our dishes don't move around as much and they are held firmly in place.

Jan 17, 2011
Soap Door Sticks!
by: Anonymous

After only 1 month the soap door was sticking!

Otherwise, I like the short cycle for dishes that are almost clean to start with - only 30 minutes.

Note that Bosch and other European models are smaller than American models. They hold less dishes.

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