Bosch SHE5AL06UC 24 inch Ascenta Series Full Console Dishwasher - Black

Done in an elegant and attractive design, the SHE5AL06UC 24" Ascenta DLX dishwasher from Bosch is definitely a must for any kitchen. It offers effective, fast, and hygienic drying, and it is also safe even for plasticware and other fragile items. Eco-friendly and energy-efficient, this dishwasher is both powerful and practical.

Key features

- It has two pumps that control noise and vibration, making this dishwasher one of the most silent varieties around.
- The durable and attractive stainless steel tall tub has a lifetime warranty on rust.
- With 5 wash cycles and 2 options, it allows you to choose the best cycle for your dishwashing needs.
- The flow-through water heater provides even and fast heating for this dishwasher.
- The EcoSense feature results in bigger energy consumption savings, by as much as 20%.
- The child lock feature keeps your dishwasher safe from sudden cycle interruptions or changes.
- The triple filtration system makes sure that your dishwasher offers the best in filtration performance.
- NSF-certified, dishes are free from 99.9% of bacteria.
- The concealed heating element makes sure that your plastics do not melt or warp.
- The SaniDry hygienic drying makes sure that washed and dried items are spotlessly clean.
- It has effective leakage protection offered by its Bosch exclusive 24/7 Overflow Leak Protection feature.
- 14 place setting gives this dishwasher excellent capacity.
- The Quick Wash feature allows you to dishwash in less than 30 minutes.
- The Half Load Option saves you time, water, and energy, especially when doing smaller loads.


Most consumers appreciate the elegant and attractive design of this dishwasher, especially with its stainless steel tall tub and 5 wash cycle feature. This dishwasher also remains noiseless while the washing cycle is on, so what you get is a kitchen appliance that does its job with the unnecessary motor rattle. It comes with two pumps, which reduce noise and vibration for a quiet dishwashing operation.

Superior cleaning can only be expected from a dishwasher that has excellent features, from its energy-efficient EcoSense option to its OptiDry feature for superior drying result. Safety is also a main focus of this product, especially since it comes with the exclusive leak protection and child lock feature. For plasticware, the concealed heating element makes sure that no warping of plastics occur during dishwashing and drying. Hygienic drying is also achieved with the SaniDry hygienic feature.


Although the SHE5AL06UC dishwasher has received many rave reviews from all over, some users have reported disadvantages associated with the product. Loading have been difficult for some, while the baskets prove inadequate for silverware and cutlery items. Some users also have indicated how this dishwasher does not start immediately.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- elegant and attractive design
- superior cleaning
- effective drying
- energy efficient
- quality construction
- safe for plasticware and fragile items
- hygienic drying, fast drying
- quick wash in less than 30 minutes


- doesn't start immediately
- baskets not at the right sizes
- difficult loading

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