Bosch SHE65P02UC 500 Series Evolution Dishwasher with Concealed Controls - White

The Bosch SHE65P02UC is equipped with various features, making it an excellent family dishwasher. The model comes in a stainless steel TallTub for a stylish finish to fit in the contemporary design. Key features includes six different wash cycle options.

Key Features

- It operates on a 47 dBA for a very silent operation.
- The machine comes with a solid base that traps sound and two pumps to minimize any vibration that occurs.
- It is energy efficient, with the EcoSense feature which significantly reduces energy needed up to 20 percent.
- The unit comes with a quadruple filtration system.
- It allows for small loads with its Half Load Option
- The machine gets rid of bacteria as attested by the NSF certification.
- It has a Quick Wash feature that can operate in just 30 minutes.
- It allows for a 14 place sitting capacity.
- The unit features RackMatic for an automatically adjustable upper rack.
- The item sprinkler is taller than most models with the ability to accomodate up to 22 inches in height.
- It comes with SaniDry Hygienic Condensation Drying.
- It comes with an LED screen.
- It has remaining time option for maximum convenience.
- It allows for a 19 hour delay.
- The end of cycle sound alerts consumer after every load.
- It offers spotless drying through the feature OptiDry.


Its various features make the Bosch SHE65P02UC a very useful dishwasher for households. It is Energy Star Efficient, allowing users to save up to 20 percent of the usual amount of power used when compared to other dishwashers. Also, the unit is NSF certified, meaning you get a high quality wash for each load. It also comes with a tall item sprinkler that can accomodate kitchen wares up to 22 inches in height.

Drying also ensures quality without the messy bubble spots associated with other dishwashers. Remaining time option allows for a more convenient use as well as the end of cycle signal to alert users when washing. This dishwasher model is also friendly when it comes to small batches due to the Half Load option. All this is done in a short span of time only lasting for 30 minutes or less.


The stainless steel design is uniform and allows small space for flexibility when it comes to design. The unit also lacks certain features that are considered important in other dishwasher units. These include interior lights and a load sensor. Bottom basket inserts are also noticeably missing as well as the absence of a program status light. There is also no tray for fine cutlery and silver tray, and a mezzanine rack.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- LED display
- NSF Certified
- Energy Star Certified
- End of Cycle Sound
- Tall Item Sprinkler
- Quadruple Filtration System
- Stylish
- Very quiet
- Half Load option for small loads
- Quick wash
- Excellent sanitation system
- Fast and high quality drying
- 19 hour delay


- Fixed design
- No interior lights
- No load sensor
- No bottom basket inserts
- No program status light
- No fine cutlery and silver tray

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