Bosch SHE68E05UC 24 inch Evolution 800 Plus Series Full Console Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The SHE68E05UC 24" Evolution 800 Plus Series dishwasher is one of the most stylish and efficient in the current market with its stainless steel interior and a number of useful features, both for convenience and sanitation. The SHE68E05UC dishwasher comes with the EcoSense technology, convenient loading features, as well as control features that are easy to set up.

Key features

- The stainless steel tub interior is very durable and can withstand a few years of dishwashing.
- The SHE68E05UC dishwasher comes with the triple filtration system, which prevents food particles from mixing with the water to make sure that you get spotless dishes.
- It also comes with the multi-function LED with remaining time display, which allows you to see the programs and settings, as well the remaining time left for the cycle.
- The child safety buttons keep the machine safe from the curious hands of children.
- The stylish stainless steel finish protects the unit from rusting and gives the unit a very elegant look.
- The built-in water softener prevents mineral deposits from forming on the surface of the dishes. You can also use ordinary kosher salt in the dishwasher to ensure that the water stays soft.
- The two-pump system is responsible for keeping the dishwasher quiet when running. Coupled with the solid metal base that does a good job at keeping noise down, you are assured of its quiet performance every time you wash the dishes.
- The Half Load Option and the EcoSense feature, which saves up to 20% of energy, help you save on water and power.
- The concealed heating element reduces the risk of melting plastics in the load.
- It comes with the tall item sprinkler, which can efficiently clean kitchenware that are 22" tall.
- You can delay start-up by up to 24 hours with the delay start timer. This is good for those who are very busy but want clean dishes once they get home.
- The variable spray pressure helps you use different spray strengths according to the level of soiling in the dishes.
- The VarioFlex racks are patented and designed for flexible loading of dishes.


One of the main advantages of the SHE68E05U dishwasher include the built- in water softener and the drying features that make drying plates and dishes fast and convenient. The heating and drying elements are perfect whether you want to use the machine to dry or you want to air- dry the dishes to save on power. The built- in water softener gives you sparkling dishes and glasses.


One of the main disadvantages is that the SHE68E05UC dishwasher is not panel- ready. It also does not come with built- in interior lights, and it is not ADA- compliant. Also, there is limited option for color and design.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- energy- saving cycles
- water softener for crystal - clear dishes
- top rack is useful for drying tall dishes and utensils, especially long knives
- stylish design
- cleans efficiently
- durable especially the stainless steel tub


- limited option for color and design as well as size
- limited space for the lower rack

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