Bosch SHE68E15UC 24 inch Evolution 800 Plus Series Semi-Integrated Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The SHE68E15UC is one of the best performing dishwashers for the price. It comes in a stylish metal finish and a sleek design as well as a full text LCD display. For energy savings and a quiet yet efficient performance, the SHE68E15UC is one of the best choices.

Key features

- Load size sensor determines the type of cycle and duration of the wash based on the size of the load.
- The SHE68E15UC comes with an ultra quiet 40 dBA noise level which is much lower compared to other dishwashers in the market.
- The full text LCD facilitates full convenience of operation.
- The RackMatic Plus comes with an upper rack that can be adjusted to three different loading levels. The adjustable upper rack comes combined with an extra tall sprinkler, ensuring that extra tall items are cleaned properly.
- The stainless steel tub is one of the best features in this dishwasher. It lasts longer compared to plastic inner tubs that are featured in some dishwashers.
- The triple filtration system ensures that the water is clean and free of runaway processed leftover food to ensure spotless dishes.
- The variable spray pressure allows you to choose the right level of water pressure for your load of dishes. This way you save on energy by using a minimum water pressure for lighter loads.
- The delay start feature is perfect for those who want to time their washes. The delay start feature can be set to start 2, 4 and 6 hours prior to washing the dishes.
- It cleans dishes free of germs with the SaniDry Hygienic Condensation Drying, which removes germs and bacteria aside from food stains.
- Eco-based options help you save on power and energy. The features can shave off up to 20% of the power you use in dishwashing.


One of the main advantages of the SHE68E15UC is the considerable savings on water and power. It has one of the lowest water and power consumption in dishwashers in the market. The unit also works quietly and comes with a stylish design and a stainless steel front. The SHE68E15UC also comes with the inline water heater which regulates the temperature of the water as needed in the cycle. The dishwasher also comes with the upper cutlery tray which is useful in organizing cutlery inside the dishwasher.


One of the disadvantages is the lack of color and design options. The stylish steel exterior is good to look at but this could be a dealbreaker for those who want their dishwasher to match the interior decoration of the kitchen.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Silent operation
- Comes with a built in water softener
- Comes with a fingerprint resistant stainless steel front
- Display is intuitive and attractive
- The half load cycle is great for washing smaller loads and works well even in the scrub pot mode
- Saves on water and energy
- Results in sparkling dishes everytime
- Taller glasses fit well in the middle shelf


- Dish racks on the lower shelves are very close together
- Some parts of the machine like the handles tend to break down early

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Feb 26, 2012
by: Norm

I have owned a previous BOSCH dishwasher and there are two at my office. This model is not quiet as claimed.

I have complained to Bosch, the installer and the retailer that sold it to me and they all claim it is normal noise.

I am sitting in my kitchen right now with the radio on and I can clearly hear the dishwasher. Water noise is clearly audible and a low pitched constant growl. My previous BOSCH could only be heard late at night when the house was perfectly quiet.

BUY SOMETHING ELSE! Maybe a Miele? I certainly wish I had.

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