Bosch SHE68P06UC 24 inch Evolution 800 Series Semi-Integrated Dishwasher - Black

Made from durable stainless steel, the SHE68P06UC 24" Evolution 800 Series dishwasher from Bosch can be the perfect kitchen companion for most households. With focus on safety, convenience, and efficiency, this dishwasher will deliver optimal results whenever needed. It is one eco-friendly option for those who want to save energy and, at the same time, get some significant savings from utility bills.

Key features

- Stainless steel tub assures you of durability for many years to come.
- It has 6 wash cycles and 3 options to give you the results you need.
- It is ENERGY STAR-certified, which ensures reduced energy consumption
- It is quiet and efficient due to solid base and two pumps that minimize noise.
- The EcoSense feature minimizes energy consumption by 20 percent.
- The half-load option is ideal for small loads so you save on water and electricity.
- Safety features make sure that your dishwasher does not leak.
- The Sanitize Option feature gets rid of bacterial growth and results in faster drying.
- The 14-place setting capacity accomodates more dishwashing loads.
- The delay start timer allows you to time your dishwashing operation.
- The Quick Wash option lets you finish your dishwashing in 30 minutes or less.
- The End of Cycle sound lets you know when the dishwashing cycle is over.
- The quadruple filtration system results in higher efficiency.


There are many advantages to this dishwasher from Bosch. It is able to deliver excellent performance without the unnecessary noise since it has two pumps that minimize vibration and noise and is constructed with a solid base. You can choose from its 6 wash cycles and 3 options so you can get the dishwashing results you need. It has an excellent capacity as well, with its 14-place settings with separate silverware basket. If you have extra tall items, like 22' inch plates, the Extra Tall Item Sprinkler will work best.

This dishwasher is also very energy-efficient, allowing you to get energy savings by as much as 20 percent. It is ENERGY STAR-certified so you know you have an eco-friendly kitchen appliance. And if you are more used to having smaller loads, you can choose the Half Load Option for better energy savings.

What sets apart Bosch from many other dishwasher brands out there is their focus on safety features. With its AquaStop Leak Protection feature, this dishwasher is protected from leaks and drips. Not only do your plates, pots, pans, and silverware come out cleaner, but they are free from bacteria as well. The Sanitize Option makes sure that bacteria is eliminated and drying results are improved.


Some consumers have reported a few complaints regarding this dishwasher from Bosch. One customer has complained about the poor performance of this dishwasher, especially in eliminating grime from plates, glasses, and cutlery. The dishwasher is unable to clean silverware thoroughly, so some users had to do the washing twice.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- 6 wash cycles and 3 options
- quiet and efficient
- delivers excellent dishwashing and drying performance
- ENERGY STAR-certified
- eco-friendly
- crafted from stainless steel
- durable


- washing had to be done many times to clean plates thoroughly
- problems in cleaning silverware

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