Bosch SHE68R55UC

by Nancy

DON'T BUY THIS DISHWASHER. Yes, other folks have said it seems small inside, and they weren't kidding: I get half the dishes in my Bosch that I could get in my Whirlpool! The tines are all angled, and in strange ways, and you simply cannot get certain pots or serving pieces into the darn thing! It is a royal pain.

And their instruction booklet is a joke: the only thing they show you how to load are plates and bowls -- and you must put them in the way they prefigured the tines! And wait until you see the silverware basket; what nut job designed that?!?! The dishes seem clean, but no more so than my Whirlpool which took an HOUR LESS, and the Bosch is very quiet, but having to do two loads a day instead of one is costly and time-consuming (loading and unloading twice).

I simply hate it and wish I had never bought it. I wanted the newest Whirlpool except they only offered it with a "swoop" of a handle that sticks out, and my kitchen configuration couldn't accommodate it. I was sick. (can't imagine why Whirlpool doesn't offer other handle options but the clerk said no!?). So now I'm stuck with this Bosch.

Never again -- I think Consumer Reports is slipping; they need to talk to more women who actually USE this stuff! I do not recommend, sorry.

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