Bosch SHE6AF02UC 24 inch Ascenta Evolution Dishwasher

The great thing about this product is its lifetime warranty on Rust-Through. The Bosch SHE6AF02UC comes in a Stainless Steel TallTub with six different wash cycles. It is virtually silent with 50 dBA and is ideal for large households.

Key features

- It comes with two pumps to lessen vibration.
- It features remaining time display on multi functioning LED.
- Quick washing allows for each load to be finished within thirty minutes or less.
- It comes with a delay start timer that can be set up to 24 hours.
- Unit also comes with a triple filtration system.
- It comes with an energy star.
- This model features an excluse overflow leak protection that's on alert 24/7.
- It features SaniDry Hygienic Condensation Drying.
- ChildLock ensures uninterrupted washing for every load.
- Unit is plastic friendly with the existence of concealed heating elements.
- It gets rid of most bacteria as it is certified by NSF.
- EcoSense feature reduces the energy used up to 20 percent.
- It has a 14 place setting capacity.
- It comes with Eco Wash and Top Rack Only options.
- It comes with a 300 series rack with a flexible silverware basket plus two cup shelves.
- It allows for a flow through water heater system.
- This model features a manual height adjustment upper rack.
- OptiDry feature ensures spotless drying performance.


This particular model is very easy to use as ascertained by most consumers. The various features also make it an ideal dishwasher for large kithcens. One of its most noted qualities include the virtual silence during operation with the presence of two pumps to lessen vibration. NSF certified, the model also gets rid of most bacteria for a quality wash.

High quality drying is also ensured by the OptiDry feature. Economically speaking, the unit allows for twenty percent reduction in energy used per wash, making it cheaper for kitchen use. ChildLock keeps dishwasher safe from little hands
plus the LED shows remaining time display for added convenience.

Leak protection is ensured to prevent spills and mess. Plastics may also be washed in the unit because of the concelaed heating element.


The unit lacks a few features that makes it inferior to other Bosch models. For one, it does not have a food disposer tray and automatic adjustable rack. A Tall Item Sprinkler is also missing.

Users have also complained that the manual that comes with the model doesn't provide sufficient details to properly use the model. The rack layout is also below par, making loading hard to perfrom. The detergent tray is also a bit loose when locked. The Half Load feaure is also missing, making the model a bad choice for small households.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Easy to use
- Energy efficient
- Quick wash
- Quality wash
- Quality drying
- 24 hour delay start timer
- Remaining time display
- Comes with ChildLock
- Very quiet
- Plastic friendly


- No hard food disposer
- Detergent tray a bit loose
- Inefficient manual
- Poor rack layout
- No half load feature
- No tall item sprinkler

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Mar 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Purchased this dishwasher 6 months ago from Lowes. It dries the dishes poorly. Now the control panel has problems. Constantly having to cancel settings and re-program. Repairman is on the way. Very disappointed.

Feb 08, 2011
very satisfied
by: Anonymous

This model I purchased must be an upgrade as indicated on the model as /3.
Did not have any of the problems listed in the two above reviews.
This model has a half load feature (top rack), the manual was very helpfull and informative with detail pictures showing lower/upper rack loading.
I recommend this dishwasher.
This dishwasher replaced a top grade Whirlpool that was 5 years old with problems including leaking problem, pump problem and electrical problem. All of those problems cost more to repair than the origninal purchase cost.

Sep 11, 2010
very disappointed
by: Anonymous

I've been frustrated with this dishwasher ever since we installed it. Not only is it about 4 inches less deep than our old one but the prongs that hold the dishes are too close together so nothing fits well. Almost impossible to get pans in it. But now, after having it for a couple months, it has stopped drying. Dishes are dripping wet and smell like mildew if we don't open the door to air-dry. There's an error message E09 but I can't find anything that tells me how to resolve this. Don't buy this dishwasher.

Aug 27, 2010
Unit sucks
by: AJ

Two months old, after waiting almost a week, the technician said the board went out, another week, he put it in and then said another board was bad at the back of the dishwasher, another week and he came back and installed it, ran exactly one load of dishes and no they were not clean nor dry, even though it was on the 2 plus hour scrubber cycle and now I have an E:09 error code. Lowes and Bosch are getting this one back and another Maytag will grace my kitchen once again. I can live with the noise if it means my dishes are clean and dry. I guess the reason it is so quiet is because it does absolutely nothing. I'm usually just as quiet when I am doing nothing. I would say LOL but this is not funny.

Jul 30, 2010
exchanged it
by: Ray

Bought this unit from Lowes, liked its looks, cycles. After installing it,liked its quietness. Thats where the liking stopped. Cleans poorly, runs a very long time and you have to dry the dishes by hand even after setting one day, and yes I did use the rinsing agent. Thank God I got it at Lowes and was able to exchange it for a real dishwasher. PS hated the racks also.

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