Bosch SHE6AF05UC Ascenta Evolution 24 inch Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The SHE6AF05UC 24" Ascenta Evolution dishwasher by Bosch is made of stainless steel tub with lifetime warranty on rust-through. This dishwasher model is obviously designed with energy savings in mind as many of its features gravitate toward energy conservation. The child safety feature and hygiene-focused additions round up an impressive set of features.

Key features

- The SHE6AF05UC dishwasher is Energy Star-qualified.
- It comes in a tall tub design, framed with stainless steel.
- The stainless steel tub boasts of a lifetime warranty on rust-through.
- The unit uses two pumps to reduce noise and vibration.
- The dishwasher is virtually silent, at 50 dBA.
- The dishwasher model is NSA-certified, which means that it is able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.
- It is equipped with a child lock feature, which not only ensures safety of children but also prevents unnecessary cycle changes.
- The unit offers up to 6 wash cycles and 2 options.
- Its EcoSense feature helps reduce energy use by up to 20%.
- There is an option to use the top rack only to conserve energy.
- The dishwasher makes use of a triple filtration system.
- It does not melt plastics, thanks to its concealed heating element.
- It performs hygienic drying through its SaniDry feature.
- The dishwasher has a multi-function LED control panel.
- It washes the dishes at 30 minutes or less through its Quick Wash feature.
- The upper rack's height can be adjusted to accommodate tall pieces.
- The 24-hour start delay timer makes it highly programmable.
- Spotless drying is expected through the dishwasher's OptiDry feature.
- This Bosch model has a large, adjustable silverware basket.
- It has specialized rack placements for cups.
- It has a 14 place setting capacity.


The SHE6AF05UC 24" dishwasher does not only have user-friendly features but it also has environment-friendly options. This dishwasher model is design for green living. There is also an emphasis on hygiene and safety with its programmable and sophisticated, sleek design. With quick wash features and large racks to accommodate the dishes, consumers are sure to finish washing more dishes in no time. Another advantage is that it is very easy to use and it has a sleek, modern design that makes a good addition to any kitchen.


The unit has all the standard features needed for a clean wash, but lacks other features that will ensure tough cleaning performance. These include a built-in food disposer, water softener, and interior lights. Some also claim that there are dishes that don't come out spotless when loaded into the dishwasher.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- environment-friendly
- Energy Star-qualified
- hygienic washing and drying
- adjustable racks
- options and features that further reduce energy use
- has good price
- fast washing and drying
- sophisticated multi-function LED
- offers 6 wash cycles
- has child safety features
- highly programmable
- can dry heat plastics


- lacks other neat features (water softener, food disposer, etc.)
- some dishes don't come out spotless and totally clean

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