Bosch SHE6AF06UC 24 inch Ascenta Evolution Dishwasher - Black

Featuring a stainless steel tub with lifetime warranty and powerful 6 cycles and 2 options, the SHE6AF06UC 24" Ascenta Evolution dishwasher from Bosch is not your standard dishwasher at home. It has excellent safety, convenience, and efficiency features, which make dishwashing an effortless task in your kitchen.

Key features

- The 6 wash cycles and 2 options give you more choices when looking for the right dishwashing cycle.
- The stainless steel tall tub with lifetime warranty on rust assures you of the best durability and an attractive exterior.
- It offers quiet operation due to its two-pumps and solid base, which both contain sound and control leakage.
- Energy Star-certified, it gives you more energy savings.
- The EcoSense feature reduces energy consumption by as much as 20%.
- NSF certification means that it can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.
- The child lock feature prevents your dishwasher from changing cycles halfway through the procedure.
- The SaniDry feature provides hygienic drying for silverware and cutlery.
- The concealed heating element keeps your plasticware from melting or deforming.
- It comes with the Bosch exclusive 24/7 Overflow Leak Protection that keeps your dishwasher safe from leaks.
- It has 14 place setting capacity to accommodate bigger dishwashing loads.
- The multi-function LED with remaining time indicator allows you to monitor how much time is left for each dishwashing cycle.
- The Quick Wash feature allows you faster washing in just 30 minutes or less.


The SHE6AF06UC dishwasher is known for its performance and safety features, as well as its outstanding, modern design. Many consumers find this dishwasher to be an attractive fixture in their kitchen. Its stainless steel tub has a lifetime warranty feature on rust, and its 6 wash cycles give you more options when it comes to your cleaning needs. It is also one of the quietest dishwashers around, as its two pumps control noise and vibration.

Many of the consumers praise the Bosch Ascenta Evolution dishwashers as highly energy-efficient, especially with its EcoSense feature, allowing you as much as 20 percent in energy savings. Many consumers also appreciate the ease with which they are able to load the dishwasher and how it is able to clean as thoroughly as required.

The safety features of this dishwasher is also impressive, as it is kept safe from potential leaks with its Bosch exclusive 24/7 Overflow Leak Protection. It also offers hygienic cleaning, especially since the product is NSF-certified and offers the SaniDry option for hygienic condensation drying.


One of the disadvantages to this dishwasher is the difficulty involved when loading. Some consumers find loading the dishwasher quite challenging. Also, some consumers reported how adjusting the settings was also difficult. There have also been some complaints reported with its drying features, as the dishwasher does not dry well.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- attractive design
- quiet
- no vibration or motor rattle
- easy to load
- efficient cleaning
- energy efficient
- has multiple wash cycles


- loading difficulty
- difficulty in adjusting the settings
- slow drying performance

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