Bosch SHE6AP02UC 24 inch Ascenta Series Full Console Dishwasher - White

The Bosch SHE6AP02UC 24" Ascenta Evolution Dishwasher is a machine that delivers good all-around performance, offering a nice mix of features and efficiency.

Although this machine doesn't have some of the advanced features and functions that can be found in some higher model dishwashers, it is a decent choice for any home with regular dishwashing needs.

Key features

- The SHE6AP02UC is ENERGY STAR qualified, so it doesn't make excessive use of energy. Instead, the washer conserves energy, which helps you save on your utility bills. The dishwasher is rated at 300 kwh per year.
- Another feature that adds to the efficiency of this machine is its EcoSense feature that can lower power consumption by up to 20%.
- When you have to do the dishes, but you can't fill the dishwasher up to capacity, you don't have to worry about wasting a wash cycle, because the SHE6AP02UC comes with a half load option.
- The Bosch SHE6AP02UC also has a Flow-Through Water Heater system and a Triple Filtration System. These two features are meant to give you an efficient and effective wash.
- Designed with Bosch's 24/7 Overflow Leak Protection, you won't have to worry about this dishwasher causing a flood in your kitchen.
- This dishwasher also has a couple of features meant to give your dishes and silverware an extremely effective wash. First, the dishwasher is NSF Certified, which means that it eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Second, you can use the SaniDry Hygienic Condensation Drying function to ensure that your dishes come out clean and dry every time.
- Some of the other great features of the Bosch SHE6AP02UC 24" Ascenta Evolution Dishwasher include child lock, quick wash cycle, adjustable height for upper rack, 24-hour delay timer, OptiDry for spotless dishes, and a large capacity.


The biggest advantage of the Bosch SHE6AP02UC 24" Ascenta Evolution Dishwasher is that it has features and functions that make it very energy efficient. Aside from being ENERGY STAR qualified, the machine also has a half load wash option, a flow-through water heater, and the EcoSense function. This washer is also outfitted with practically all of the basic functions you need in a washer, including six wash cycles, two options, noise and vibration reduction technologies, child lock, advanced drying features, and a good capacity.


One of the few disadvantages of the Bosch SHE6AP02UC 24" Ascenta Evolution Dishwasher is that it can still be quite pricey for some consumers. With the wide variety of dishwashers in the market, you can probably find cheaper dishwashers. Still, the Bosch SHE6AP02UC 24" Ascenta Evolution Dishwasher is worth paying for, because it has a good set of features and it comes from a reputable brand.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Numerous features that make it eco-friendly
- Effective wash cycles
- Decent amount of cycles and options
- Good technologies


- Some consumers may find this machine a tad expensive
- Can still be too noisy for some

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